Erwan Le Corre: MovNat, the Dangers of Inefficient Practice, and Wisdom from Bruce Lee

Erwan Le Corre on The Fat-Burning Man Show

Today’s show is with a highly-requested guest, Mr. Erwan Le Corre. Erwan is the founder of MovNat, the physical education and fitness system that’s taking the Paleo world by storm. This is a deep show. Plenty of nuggets of wisdom for you truth seekers out there. (As a bonus, Erwan has the coolest accent ever.)

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On today’s show we chat about:

  • How practicing inefficiently makes you worse
  • How you can dodge cultural disempowerment
  • The real reason Abel started Fat-Burning Man (hint: it’s not fat loss)
  • Why Bruce Lee says a punch is not a punch
  • And tons more…

Here’s the show:



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  1. Wow, that was just very intresting. I did’nt knew your blog, came here trough movnat but I will check your blog. Just one question, my english is not perfectly fluent and I could’nt understand the name of the book you’ve mentioned, what was the title?

    • Hi Ricardo, Is it Abel’s book you are wondering about? He’s written “Intro to Paleo” and I believe that was mentioned in the show. Glad you enjoyed it! – Emily, FBM Team

  2. Wow! Have never heard of Movenat before but what a beautiful outlook both you and Erwan have on true strength – both inner and outer. This is one of your best podcasts yet!

  3. Fantastic podcast! As a person who had made that shift from the couch with a “wimp” attitude to a person who can only see the possibilities for the rest of my life, this was an inspiring discussion. I only hope that people who are starting off on their journey find it as inspiring as I did, rather than overwhelming. Nice one fellas!

  4. I am re-inspired, if that’s a word. I felled a 20+ metre pine tree yesterday and cut 5 cubic metres of rounds and stacked them in a big pile to split later. I’d think that was kind of move nat. I am toasted today… enough for a man in his sixties.

  5. Mrs. Greenough says:

    Hi, Abel. I teach 6th grade, and I was wondering if I could get a transcript of this podcast. Do you have such a thing? I’d love to use part of this interview with my students to help them realize how powerful believing in their own success can be.

    • Unfortunately we do not have the means to provide a written transcript at this time! Sorry! Thanks for your support of the show & what a wonderful thing to want to impress upon your students. Thank you for that 🙂 – Emily, FBM Team

      • Mrs. Greenough says:

        I used it today (the section where he replies to Abel’s question about how people who achieve amazing things develop their potential), and wow! My students really responded to Erwan’s message. We talked about how envisioning your power and setting goals is the first step in becoming amazing in school, athletics, or anything. Very cool. Thanks, guys! Keep it coming.

  6. What a great video. Inspiring and empowering. I really liked the section about kids saying that they are bored. I have done 2 one day workshops and look forward to being certified in the spring when they come through Denver again.

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