Watch my 2-Day Fat-Burning Course Online for Free on creativeLIVE!

Do you want to get learn how to get lean and strong as quickly as humanly possible? Do you want step-by-step strategies to help you look, feel, and be healthier than you ever imagined? Would you like superhuman energy that would make Richard Simmons blush?

Then don’t miss my FREE 2 day webcast, hosted by creativeLIVE! It’s basically like getting 10 TED talks from me… in a row. 🙂

ENROLL NOW to watch the LIVE workshop, FREE August 26th – 27th. 

CreativeLIVE is the real deal. Past instructors include Tim Ferriss, Derek Halpern, and Noah Kagan, and my special guests include Dave Asprey and George Bryant. We’re stoked!

It’s free to watch live from anywhere in the world.

This two-day workshop will arm you to the tools you need to take control of your health — from dietary changes to healthy habits and everything in between.

Drawing on extensive personal wellness experience, I’ll guide you through proven techniques for integrating good habits into your daily life. You’ll learn common misconceptions about obesity and fat burning, neo-paleolithic foods and cooking methods, workouts with real results, and accelerated fat-burning techniques.

You’ll come away from this course empowered to make positive changes to your fitness level, mindset, and way of life.

Watch the video below for more details about how you can join in the fun.


Click here to check out my free 2-Day Fat-Burning Workshop on CreativeLIVE

Win a Spot in the Studio with Me!

Just a few spots left to join me live in-studio in San Francisco. All you have to do is submit your answers to the questionnaire and record a 60 second video explaining why you’d like to be a part of the in-studio audience.

Create your video and upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or any other platform include the link to your video in the “Submit Your Video” section of this Audience Form.

Click here to apply to be a part of the studio audience

Don’t miss out! Make sure you sign up now to make sure you can enroll in the course for free – it will only be available to paying customers after the 26th.

ENROLL NOW to watch the LIVE workshop, FREE August 26th – 27th. 

See you there!

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  1. Hi Abel,
    I submitted the form and video to be in-studio for your Fat Burning course and was selected by the creativeLIVE team. What happened to the offer for flight and accommodations from I’d love to learn from you, Dave, and George first-hand, and a flight would make it possible.


    • Hi Ryan, did you receive my email about contacting the CreativeLIVE team? They’ll be able to answer your questions as it was an offer through their program, not Fat-Burning Man. Good luck! – Emily, FBM Team

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