Dr. John Berardi: Precision Nutrition, Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss, and How to Tell Georges St. Pierre What To Do

Dr John Berardi on The Fat-Burning Man Show

Today’s episode is with one of the most knowledgable and highly-respected minds in health and fitness, John Berardi of Precision Nutrition.

Bluntly, Precision Nutrition can take pretty much anyone – massively overweight or not – and get them in the best shape of their lives. They understand how the body works; they understand physiology; they make it happen. They also teach some of the highest performing athletes how to perform even better through nutrition and fitness. I highly encourage you to check out their work. You can also find Dr. Berardi and Precision Nutrition on Facebook, as well as Twitter.

If you’re interested in Intermittent Fasting, click here to download John’s free ebook I mentioned on the show.

Before we get to the show, I have a quick request of you guys! I am booking up some awesome guests for the next few months on the show, but we can always use more. If there is someone you think would be totally awesome to have on the show, shoot me an email.

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In today’s show we talk about:

  • Pros and cons of intermittent fasting as a fat loss strategy
  • How to turn yourself into a bona fide guinea pig
  • And what it’s like to tell Georges St Pierre what to do. No small feat!

Here’s the show:


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  1. Great podcast. It’s amazing how Dr. John Berardi can get results for top athletes and the average person too.
    But I am not too sure about the matching T-shirts!

  2. Great interview! I love these podcasts because they make it easy to glean quality information while multi-tasking…keep them coming!
    Dr. Berardi comes at this whole thing from a well rounded perspective, which is so important in teaching people to build better habits. The bit on “cultivating wisdom” not just knowledge is absolutely true. The missing piece in this whole nutrition game is not a lack of information, it’s deciphering what is really important.
    Good stuff…thanks again!

  3. John mentioned a multivitamin as a means of shoring up mineral deficiencies (and he has before elsewhere) but he didn’t mention any he liked or any specific minerals and vitamins that he thought should be included. Any thoughts? I know that a lot of multivitamins are full of trash or have needless amounts of things that I’d rather not OD on.

    • Hi Joe,
      My personal favorite is the “MegaFoods” brand. They are made entirely from whole foods, are gluten/dairy/soy/GMO free. Check ’em out!
      – Emily, FBM Team Coach

  4. 1. Amazing podcast! About to listen to it again.

    2. He looks TOTALLY different than I thought he would. Much younger. Should have known when he said he had a 1 year old.

    3. Love the mindfulness eating he talked about. I was able to do that with some friends out on a deck and it was lovely to sit for 20 mins not saying anything. Yet it was very enjoyable.

  5. Hey James – I’m a little late listening to this episode, but just wanted to say, this is one of the best video podcasts I’ve listened to all year. John Berardi is a class act. Im not a practitioner or promoter of IF, (still old-school bodybuilding-style nutrition for me), but this is the most level-headed, common sense explanation of IF I’ve ever heard. rare to hear such a balanced view, because like john was saying, its such a contentious topic. Great show – keep up the great work, guys.

    • Hey Tom,
      Thanks so much for the kind words; I’m honored you took the time to listen. John is brilliant, balanced, and sane despite being a total rockstar.

      In other news, your work has influenced many of us. Finish up that book and let’s get you on the show. 🙂

  6. Thanks for all the great feedback, everyone. I appreciate the kind words. And am really happy you like the interview. I’m hoping to be invited back one day soon (hint, hint :-).

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