Paleo Puppy Gets Hit By A Car… And is Totally Fine.

Paleo Puppy

This is my dog, Bailey, and she just got hit by a car.

Don’t worry, she’s fine.

Dude, Your Dog Got Run Over??? What Happened?

I was at a speaking engagement in California, so Alyson took our pup, Bailey, to the dog park to dispose of her excess energy.

It’s a typical Sunday; the park is filled with hundreds of dogs, and Bailey proceeds to lick every single one in the face. Some dogs are fine with it, most aren’t. This goes on for a good 45 minutes.

Playtime over, Alyson commands Bailey to hop into the car. She’s always just complied. But on this particular day, Bailey just bolts instead. Toward the street.

“No, Bailey! Come!”

She didn’t.

A white SUV barrels toward her as she enters the street. Bailey, not noticing, gets slammed and tumbles across the asphalt.

Time stops.

The white SUV slows for a moment. The driver makes eye contact, then drives on.

Dazed, Bailey lifts herself up and limps toward Alyson, holding up her leg with a gaping, gushing wound cut through the skin, into the muscle, and nearly to the bone.

As chance may have it, an energy healer witnessed the hit and run. Bailey, now panting heavily and lying on the sidewalk, gets a quick healing session before being raced to the vet.

After being poked, prodded, X-rayed, and whatever, the vet is shocked to find no broken bones, no internal bleeding, and no apparent damage except for a torn up leg and small gash in front of her ear. Despite being taken out by an SUV at 30 mph and slammed into the asphalt, my dog is fine.

“You have one lucky dog,” the vet remarks.


Bailey the Conehead

Bailey the Conehead

Why is My Dog Alive?

#1: Dumb luck

#2: A biologically appropriate, nutrient dense diet

#3: A healthy, well-tended nervous system

#1 is certainly worthy of cogitation, but #2 and #3 are more interesting from a practical standpoint.

So how can we reverse engineer this experience to create your superdog?

1. Feed Your Dog A Biologically Appropriate, Nutrient-Dense Diet

Dogs should eat like dogs in the wild. That has nothing to do with dog food. There is no such thing.

How did Bailey get bulletproof bones? We feed her a steady diet of poultry carcasses, raw meaty bones, cartiledge, raw eggs, fish, fish oil, butter, heavy cream, table scraps, occasionally high-quality canned food and a bit of rice, as well as plenty of liver. And sometimes bacon.

Bailey eats real food. Sound familiar?

2. Give Your Pup A Healthy Body and Nervous System

Bailey is a well-exercised dog. She spends most of the day outside, goes on 2-3 walks a day, enjoys frequent romps at the dog park, and I take her on a 5-6 mile run several times a week.

She’s strong, muscular, flexible, fit, and fearless. Too fearless, in fact.

3. Don’t Let Your Dog Run Into the Street

Bailey’s a smart dog, but she did a dumb thing. And much of that comes down to (lack of) training. And that’s my fault.

To be fair, I know that Bailey wasn’t running into the street, she was actually running through a street that separates the dog park from another field. But I’ve known far dumber dogs that would never pull a stunt like that.

In any case, Bailey is getting some quality training time after this. We’re so fortunate that she’s okay. Whew.

Paleo Puppy Gets Hit By a Car

What about you guys? How do you raise your superdogs?


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  1. My wife and I have 2 boxers. We feed them a Primal diet. Dry dog food is wild walleye, bison, and elk. We make some patties using ground beef and sweet potatoes. We boil up beef livers for treats. Only safe starches for our primal pooches. 😉

  2. We have 4 dachshunds and they eat only raw food…..chicken necks and feet, turkey, rabbit, venison, organ meat, eggs – and the occasional mouse and snake they hunt down. Species appropriate diet is the way to go – man or beast. 🙂

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