The Rise of Paleo Puppy… Why Dogs (and You) Should Eat Raw Food. [video]

Here’s a treat.

With much hoopla, I brought a furry friend home several weeks ago. Her name is Bailey.

Bailey had been fed kibble in her first few weeks of life at the breeder. I’ve researched a great deal (as I’m wont to do) about the benefits of raw food for dogs and even puppies.

Given my background and interest in nutrition, feeding kibble to a dog just doesn’t make sense. No matter what its form, processed food sucks. And while it’s something we can all grasp readily about our favorite furry friends, we tend to forget how awful it is for our own bodies when we cram in the fake food. But now that I’ve figured out the pitfalls of the standard American diet (SAD, yes, that’s exactly what it is) and have shared the alternative with so many others, I’m sure not going to make Bailey suffer through the canine version of the SAD!

In other words, this creature will be eating like canine royalty.

So here’s a video for you. Completely over the top, but life is meant to be fun, yeah? Enjoy and share!

The Rise of Paleo Puppy


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  1. Love it Abel. I’ve seen the dog food commercials out there where they tout all the ingredients their kibble contains and they always list ‘wheat’ or ‘corn’. What dog eats wheat and corn? Aren’t they vicious carnivores? They’re not meant to eat little brown mystery pebbles.

    • Thanks Carlos. You’re exactly right. The idea of a dog eating wheat is absolutely preposterous. Just a tad more preposterous than humans eating wheat, but not much. 🙂 Kibble looks suspiciously very much like cereal, doesn’t it?

  2. Hey Abel, I’m new to your web site and enjoy your daily emails of encouragment.

    Love the pooch, Labs are awesome but kiss your yard goodbye, there pretty ruff on ground especially when it’s wet.

    I feed my dog blue buffalo, I know it’s still kibble but it’s all meat and makes it easy for both of us, they also have canned food.
    She gets real meat now and then and she loves eggs.
    Good luck with your new friend!
    Life is better with a dog(s) and fyi, dog is God spelt backwards….!

  3. Hi Abel…our almost 6 yr. old Bichon, Chuck, has been paleo since he was born. In addition to the elk…his favorite, he gets daily coconut oil, peas and raw milk. He also likes the occassional sardine and when my kefir grains need to be split…he loves to munch on those. Have fun!

  4. There’s a whole raw movement for pets too, just like for us humans. It’s a bit trickier with dogs, since they’re not as strictly carnivorous as they’re made out to be (unlike cats). if you need info, google “raw feeding” or “barf” or start with wikipedia here:

    I think it’s great you decided to give the best food to your puppy. She’s adorable BTW. 🙂

    • Thanks – yes, it’s been very interesting researching the subject of raw foods for dogs. It seems that the concept of biologically appropriate foods is more widely accepted for animals than it is for humans! I picked up the book “Raw Meaty Bones” which has been enlightening. Much to learn!

  5. Hi Abel,

    I’ve been enjoying your podcasts for the last month, and catching up on all the old ones! I was also excited to see you on creativeLIVE. And I’m happy to see a post on raw feeding for the furballs…though I’d like to see more! 😉

    I’ve been raw feeding for 13 years now, after trying to figure out why I lost two unrelated cats to IBD. Everything pointed to food, and feeding them biologically appropriate food just made so much sense. I’ve been feeding 100% raw ever since.

    Most people come to health food on their own, and eventually get around to doing the same for their animals. I’m the opposite. My animals have been eating so healthy, and now I’m finally getting around to really cleaning up my own biologically appropriate act. I’m actually excited, and your podcasts have really helped a lot. Thank you!

  6. Hi Abel,
    Love your dog, but I do have weak spot for labs. I took my lab off kibble the day she had her first epileptic fit (common trait in labradors) and she improved out of sight, not having any fits again until she was 12 and doggy old age catching up with her. I’d read about a ketogenic diet for children and thought dogs can’t be that different. She lived and thrived hence forth on raw meat, bones and veggies, and unlike many labs, was never overweight. Go figure!
    Enjoy Bailey, she is a lucky girl.

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