Tom Naughton, Comedian, Filmmaker, and the Man Behind "Fat Head"

Today, I’m here with filmmaker, comedian, and the man behind the #1 documentary on Hulu, “Fat Head,” Mr. Tom Naughton.

With the help of key consultants Dr. Mike Eades and Gary Taubes, “Fat Head” demonstrates that it is very possible to lose weight AND improve your health markers on what most would call an extraordinarily unhealthy diet by simply applying some common sense and avoiding insulin triggering foods.

In “Fat Head,” Tom gleefully drops truth bombs like:

  • Having low cholesterol is unhealthy and is linked to cancer, stroke and suicide.
  • Low fat diets can lead to depression and type II diabetes.
  • The food police, who are now suing restaurants for frying food in hydrogenated oils, harassed the restaurants into switching to those oils 20 years ago.
  • Saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease… the research was manipulated from the very beginning but sugars, starches and processed vegetable oils do.

For a taste of how “Fat Head” turns a complicated subject into an easily digestible bit of Monty Python-esque animation, here is one of my favorite clips about how we get fat…


If you want to learn about the mechanisms behind fat gain, fat loss, heart disease, insulin, and the truth about carbs (among other things) but don’t have the time or patience to slog through medical journals, watch this movie.

It’s silly, serious, and totally true.

In our interview, Tom and I chat about:

  • How grandmothers and farmers know what makes us fat, but nutritionists don’t
  • Why high cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease
  • How nobodies like Tom and I can be best-sellers on a shoestring
  • Why no one on earth should take statins
  • Why BMI is a flawed framework (or why calling Michael Jordan, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, and me “overweight” is preposterous)
  • Why Aunt Suzie really needs to watch “Fat Head”
  • And how Ancel Keys fabricated his “results” and fueled the fat-fearing fanatics for over half a century

Here’s the show.


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To hear more from Tom:



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  1. Tom’s movie Fat Head is absolutely superb. I should know, I’ve watched it, like, 36 times! Every chance I get I inflict it … er … that is, I SHARE it with family and friends — and acquaintances, including a newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetic ON A CRUISE! (Yes, I brought the Fat Head DVD along.)

    For a shorter and even more eye-opening video, check out Tom’s “Science for Smart People” on YouTube. Don’t try the one from the AHS (the Ancestral Health Symposium) where the camera operator didn’t include Tom’s slides in the field of view, which slides are necessary to the speech. {eye roll} Search for the one he did on the Low Carb Cruise — it’s fantastic and funny and flabbergasting! I’ve been a nutrition (and medicine) geek for nearly 30 years, and *I* got a better understanding of how (some) studies are mis-used!

  2. This was one of the best interviews I’ve listened to in a long time! I love Tom Naughton and have listened to many podcasts with him, but I loved your style. Your voice is clear, deep, and articulate, and you have great, well-thought out questions. As I sat here listening, I kept having to remind myself that you must have a list of things to ask Tom, but it sounded more like a conversation than an interview. I’m really looking forward to hearing your interview with Dr. Davis.

    • Thank you so much, Erica! That’s exactly what I’m going for. Just finished editing the interview with Dr. Davis – the man is a sweetheart! It’ll be up Friday, so stay tuned.

  3. I love these guys! It’s so nice to part of this movement fighting the conventional medical dogma that has turned this country into one big fat camp!

  4. I’ve often thought that if anybody can reach those who have been thoroughly brainwashed by the conventional nutrition dogma, it’s Naughton. No offense to you, Abel, but Tom looks more like an average American, and his humor’s disarming. I know that he has a day job, but I wish he’d take marketing lessons from you and start to make a living taking his message far and wide.

    • Tom certainly has a gift. Doing what I can to help him spread our message! Learned a lot about promotion as a musician… You learn to fill a room pretty quick – don’t want to be playing shows to empty bars. 🙂

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