Are your hormones making you fat?

Bodybuilders, fitness models, and professional athletes are not superhuman from birth. They have achieved a high level of fitness and low body fat by following a very specific and often regimented diet and lifestyle. Like many other experienced diet and fitness professionals, I believe your body composition is 80% diet and 20% training. That means that you can achieve superhuman results, too – you just need to follow the right advice.

What about genetics? We all have the genes to program our bodies to be lean, muscular, and healthy. The trick to achieving optimal body composition is to eat specific foods and perform the right kinds of exercise. The FBM system will show you foolproof strategies to get incredible results – naturally, quickly, and healthfully.

If you are overweight, it is your diet and hormones that are out of alignment, not your genes. Through dietary modification and exercise alone, the FBM system naturally restores insulin sensitivity, boosts your testosterone, increases human growth hormone, and optimizes your glucose transporter system so that you burn fat and build muscle naturally and safely.


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  1. People don’t realise their hormones can control their weight, mood, energy, sex drive, and a host of other things! Great that you are increasing awareness.

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