Food For Thought: Exercise Once A Week is Enough, Neurofeedback for ADHD, and Antibiotic No-No’s

Here’s the scoop on happenings around the web…

1. Exercising one day a week may be enough for older women (link)

When it comes to exercise, this article provides a great example of how even the slightest change (such as exercising once a week) can show benefits. No excuses necessary!

“One of the biggest barriers to exercise training for the older female population is adherence, and one of the key findings in this study is that doing a little bit of exercise can go a long way”

2. Antibiotics enable pathogenic gut infections (link)

Antibiotics aren’t Tic Tacs, folks. Take too many and you get a weak gut.

“When that defense falters, as it does shortly after a course of antibiotics begins, marauding micro-organisms such as salmonella or Clostridium difficile can establish beachheads. Once they reach sufficient numbers, these two parasitic invaders can mount intentional campaigns to induce inflammation, a condition that impairs the restoration of our normal gut ecosystem but in which salmonella and C. difficile have learned to prosper.”

3. Case Study: Training for Success with ADHD (link)

Nutrition can have a massive impact on mitigating the inherent wiggles in ADD/ADHD. Neurofeedback may also be a means of helping kids to reign in the hyperactivity.

“The combination of NFB [neurofeedback] with learning strategies (teaching metacognition) is posited to help generalization of self-regulation skills to everyday life. The case chosen had a good outcome but was less dramatic than the majority of cases at the ADD Centre… NFB is an effective intervention for individuals with ADHD when properly applied.”


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  1. Hello Abel,
    I enjoy listening to your podcasts and learn something new with every one of them, even the ones which don’t necessarily fit with my lifestyle.

    I am a 70 year old woman who finally took control of my own health instead of relying on conventional doctors. I found my way to a Paleo type lifestyle which has helped tremendously with my health issues: hypothyroidism, gluten & dairy intolerance mainly.

    I’ve always been a walker and I’m not one to sit around a lot. I have just started an exercise routine with small weights to prevent osteoporosis. I am very thin (88 lbs) so I am worried about my bones. No matter what I do I can’t seem to gain weight.

    Is there any chance you could produce a podcast with us elderly folks in mind? I know some of us feel it is too late to change much. I know your show is geared to the younger set but those of us 70 and older could use some help and motivation.

    Thank you for your podcasts. It’s my favorite!


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