Quick Fat-Burning Tip of the Day: Stick to the Outside Aisles

Shopping is a visceral experience full of temptation, in-your-face advertising, and mayhem. There are over 100 brands of individually-marketed bottled water. Ludicrous.

The dizzying amount of products in the supermarket is overwhelming and exhausting for many folks. The good news is that you can use this one tip to skip the confusion and madness and just stick to foods that are going to help you burn fat instead of gain it. Ready?

Shop from the outside of the grocery store and don’t even bother walking through the interior aisles.

The foods that grocery stores typically stock in the outside aisles are FRESH: vegetables, fruits, salads, fish, and milk and eggs. The foods in the interior aisles are processed, marked-up, preservative-packed carbs like pasta, salty snacks, sugars, soda, and cookies. You don’t need that crap.

So load up on fresh, seasonal fruits, greens, fish, milk, yogurt, and milk and eggs. Ignore that nonsense in the middle and I can guarantee you’ll save a few bucks and burn some extra fat, too.

Just don’t forget to grab a bottle of red wine or two. For the… reservatrol… you know?


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