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Interview with Mrs. United States, Shannon Ford: Celiac Disease, Gluten-Free, and the Paleo Diet

In today’s show, we’re privileged to be with the reigning Mrs. United States, Shannon Ford. After she was diagnosed with Celiac disease three years ago, Shannon went gluten-free, then grain-free, and now has transitioned to a Paleo diet. Yes, even beauty queens eat like cavewomen. Actually, after being a pageant girl and in the public […]

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  1. Dan was an interesting guest — thanks for having him on. I enjoyed his approach: health zones rather than rigid prescriptions of amounts of things. The part about sleep was new information to me.

    But, I was dismayed by Abel’s disparagement of conventional foods, e.g., eggs. For many of us, eggs worth paying for — pastured, fed non-GMO corn in addition to their own foraging and hunting spoils — is out of reach. For example, in my area, Costco sells conventional eggs at 1.49/doz. Whole Foods sells eggs from “humanely raised” hens at $6.00/doz. Surfside Farms sells eggs from truly pastured hens at $7.50/doz. by CSA/subscription and at farmers markets. Should I avoid the Costco eggs that I can afford simply because they’re of lesser quality than the “real food” that Abel recommends? I think I’ll get what I can from the battery-hen eggs rather than do without.

    I wish I could afford to buy the best-quality food, but I feel disrespected, by implication, for buying the best I can afford.

    • Glad you liked Dan – the man is full of insight, to be sure.

      That’s an interesting point. I can say that I gladly pay farmers $6/dozen (more sometimes) for their pastured eggs, but it’s only because I can afford the luxury of that choice.

      But what do you do when you simply can’t afford the best possible food? Lord knows, I’ve been there. I lived on conventional eggs (and far worse) in college and the years after when I was shackled by debt. No disrespect at all to those who are already are buying the best they can afford.

      My opinion? Eggs are still a decent choice over other alternatives even if conventional. But I still think that pastured eggs at $.50 cents a pop are an excellent investment even if it means making a few monetary sacrifices in other areas.

      Thanks for listening!

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