Our Review of Zukay Kvass

We get loads of questions from readers and listeners asking what products we eat, drink, and use at home. To help you navigate this wild and crazy world of marketing hype, promotions, and gizmos, my girlfriend (and member of the FBM team) Alyson and I will be putting a few natural foods, beverages, and other products through the ringer in our review column. Take it away, Alyson! – Abel

New Hampshire sunshine

With the convertible top down, the smoldering New Hampshire summer sun feels like a ray gun on my forehead.

“Let’s stop and get a drink,” I gasp.

But I don’t want water. I want something fun.

We land at the local food co-op where I scan the beverage display for a drink. A bottle of opaque, golden liquid piques my interest.

It’s called Kvass, and the label claims to be a probiotic cultured veggie drink.

“Hmm, sounds interesting.”


Naturally, we flip it around to examine the ingredients:Water, Organic Carrot, Organic Ginger, Organic Winter Squash, Hot Yellow Peppers, Turmeric, Celtic Sea Salt, Hand-batched Live Active Culture, Organic Raw Green Stevia, Organic Cayenne Pepper.”

Wow, where’s the artificial flavor, phosphoric acid, BVO, and high fructose corn syrup??  Sounds too good to be true. But, being in a particularly adventurous mood, Abel and I pull the trigger and grab a couple flavors: Super Root and Super Gold.

A spicy aroma escapes as I take a sip. The liquid is thick and I taste a light sweetness mixed with an earthy tang. I immediately feel a surge of energy. I think my body likes it.

Abel and I trade bottles. “It’s like taking a sip of a delicious garden. Whoever makes this stuff is a genius.”

*Skip forward 10 months*

While attending PaleoFX this spring, we ran into Scott Gryzbek, the crazed alchemist behind Zukay Kvass (you can listen to our show with him here). Scott founded Zukay to introduce the health benefits of raw, fermented vegetables back into the American diet. And we’re so glad he did – this stuff is delish.


Pros: Zukay Kvass is made from fermented veggies (and who doesn’t need more of those?). It’s 100% organic and my taste buds adore its full, bold flavor profile.

Cons: The price is higher than what you’d expect to pay for most beverages. But unlike kombucha, Gatorade, or green tea, it’s not really a beverage – it’s a meal in bottle. And a bottle full of this many organic veggies is worth a few bucks in our book.

Conclusion: Thumbs up! Packed with organic fermented veggies, we highly recommend Zukay Kvass for giving your belly bugs a boost, loading up on nutrients, and loving every second of it.

– Alyson Bridge alyson

Do you have a product you’d like to have reviewed? Shoot me line at alyson at fatburningman.wpengine.com.


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