Pedram Shojai: Life as a Hunter-Gatherer, How Drug Companies Trick You, and Being Chased by Lions

Pedram Shojai on The Fat-Burning Man Show

It’s my distinct pleasure to present Pedram Shojai. Pedram is the CEO of Vitality Health & Wellness, as well as a doctor, author, filmmaker, and the founder and President of This is one of my favorite shows ever – please take a listen.

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Alright, onto the show. Today Pedram and I talk about:

  • What it’s like to live like a hunter-gatherer in Africa
  • How being chased by lions is like meditation
  • Why we’re not smart enough to watch TV
  • How drug companies try to trick you with neuroscience

Take a listen below.

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  1. Hi Abel,
    I’m back in the gym in the fall and I wanted to ask your opinion on workouts. What philosophy do you follow with weights or workouts in general, is it maximum single lift, maximum hypertrophy or some combination of the two.

  2. Just like what was said on the podcast. I found the podcast by doing a search on itunes. I was able to listen to some parts of this podcast. People like the easy way out like getting surgery or taking a wonder pill. Whatever happened to a change in lifestyle and good old fashioned hard work?

  3. Jessica Anderson says:

    Hi Abel,

    I am a Physical Education and Health elementary (K-5) teacher. My husband and I follow you and have completely eliminated wheat from our diets. We have never felt better! However, I am struggling with how to approach my nutrition unit this year. Any tips or suggestions on how to get children thinking about what they eat??


  4. thanks for this pod cast. I have a cousin who was born with juvenile diabetes. I know there is no cure for it but it shocks me how much sugary stuff. I wish my cousin would follow this.

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