Pedram Shojai: The Health Bridge, Who Not to Trust, and How to Pick Your Friends

pendram Shojai health bridge

Returning to the show is my dear friend Dr. Pedram Shojai. Pedram, the filmmaker behind Vitality, is a man of many talents – physician, Kung Fu ninja, entrepreneur, and occasional bunnyrabbit.

Pedram Shojai is a Bunny

If you want to hear about the time he was chased by lions in Africa, don’t miss Pedram’s last appearance on Fat-Burning Man.

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You will learn:

  • How to tell the good guys from the bad guys in the health industry
  • Why the absence of disease doesn’t make you healthy
  • How to pick your friends to lead the life of your dreams
  • And much more…

My whole thing is why don’t you just be yourself and tell it like it is? That’s what people appreciateClick to Tweet!

 Connect with Pedram here: | BeMore! Magazine in iTunes | “The Health Bridge” Podcast with Pedram & Dr. Sara Gottfried


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  1. Refreshing to hear a doctor say that they stay in business when people are sick. Where is the real incentive to prevent poor health?

  2. Just started listening to your podcast after listening to Lewis Howes’s interview, this was oen of the msot entertaining interviews I’ve heard yet! Love the energy coming from you guys!

  3. michael halford says:

    Thanks for your insights – Been listening your podcasts for a while.
    Generally really enjoy your perspective but this podcast was very disappointing.
    Way much self-congratulations and self promotion his time.

  4. Finally got to listen to this podcast! I love it! Decided to listen while cleaning my windows in my bathrobe. I’m so inspired to go out into the world putting on my superwoman cape and continue to inspire friends and coworkers to be well, be happy and go for the energy and vitality and not the money! Thank you Abel and Pedram. Come to NH, eat the weeds and wild plants, walk the labyrinth, be with the pine and apple trees and spread your happy, inspiration! The world needs more of you to wake up the Zombies!

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