Highlights from the Ancestral Health Symposium 2012

Stefani Ruper, Diane Sanfilippo, George Bryant, and Abel James

It’d been a few years since I’d been to Harvard… Despite the fact that this visit wasn’t for a rager with my college buddies, I may have had just as much fun. Inspired people, plenty of coffee, and some serious nerding-out. My cup of tea.

As promised, here are a few of the highlights:

  • Meeting all of you loyal readers, listeners, fans, and clients (you guys ROCK)
  • Deep thoughts and long chats with the always awesome Jimmy Moore
  • Tequila and brotherly love with George Bryant
  • Learning about squishface with Mira and Jayson Calton
  • Talking Dartmouth, disorders, and drinking with Stefani Ruper
  • Discussing how to take over the world with Ashley Tudor
  • Crazy times in the Prius with the Paleo Parents
  • Telling Mark Sisson he’s looking good as usual
  • Being unable to wrestle off the legions of loval Robb Wolf fans to get a word in
  • Meeting the hunter-gatherer himself, John Durant
  • Pretending not to drink coffee with Dianne Sanfilippo
  • Realizing that Ben Greenfield is way tall in person
  • Telling Bill and Haley how much I think their website rocks
  • Finally meeting the man himself, Gary Taubes
  • Wishing I could squeeze in a single malt scotch with Richard Nikoley
  • Talking about how vegans don’t have a chance with Mat Lalonde
  • Officially shaking the hand of Dallas Hartwig (finally)
  • Hanging out with Jude, my new friend from down under
  • Being generally smaller than Keith Norris
  • Manhug with Dan Pardi
  • Wanting to hang in San Diego with Dr. Lo
  • Catching up with Tony and Charissa (I won’t tell anyone you ate toast)
  • Bumbling about brain science with Dr. Pendergrass
  • Stealing salad with Shirley
  • And telling Dean and Toad that they totally missed out

Looking forward to seeing you all again. We’re all privileged to be a part of such a passionate group of people doing their damndest to make the world a better place.

If you didn’t make it, you missed out. If you did, I’ll see you next year.


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