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Want to hear something a little nuts?

Despite hosting the Fat-Burning Man Show, blogging for years, and authoring several bestselling books on the subject, I’m not really that into fitness and nutrition.

I’m just really into food.

Sure, I can teach you how to get lean by choking down skinless chicken breast and steamed broccoli six times a day for three months.

But that doesn’t sound like any fun at all.

Actually, after years of dedicated research, trial-and-error, and guinea-pigging on myself, I’ve learned that obsessing over the macronutrient content of food, the timing of carbs, or an intensive exercise regimen is not the key to staying fit, strong, and healthy.

The key is becoming a great cook. Learning your way around the kitchen will do more for your health, body composition, and longevity than any exercise routine, miracle drug, or “diet” in existence.

In fact, a recent study out of Cambridge found that people who cook up to 5 times a week are 47% more likely to be alive after 10 years than their non-cooking peers. Cooking can save your life!

And if you want to know the truth about how to maintain a beach-ready body without pain, misery, or restriction, it’s all about alchemy in an apron. It’s about learning how to create your favorite foods and share them with people you love.

When you master the art of sourcing and creating mouth-watering meals that nourish your body and mind, you can quite literally manifest the body and health of your dreams by eating ridiculously well. Red velvet cupcakes, smoked pork shoulder drizzled in homemade barbeque sauce, and much more await in the Fat-Burning Chef.

In creating The Fat-Burning Chef, I wanted to bring some of the most talented cooks in the world together to help you enjoy the best food you’ve ever tasted. I sincerely hope that these recipes help you in your journey.

Now let’s get cooking…

In Health,

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  1. Hi Abel,

    Your add to card does not function. I just can not order your new book. Each time I try it, I am taking out of your site ???????

  2. Rebecca Balcer says:

    I paid for the download via PayPal and whole the money was deducted IMMEDIATELY from my account, I was stuck in create new account page that would not let me go forward to the download page.
    Please advise and send me a link to the download.

    Thank you!

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