Todd Herman: The Mental Game, Visualization, and Fraggle Rock

Todd Herman - Mental Game

Today’s show is with Todd Herman, an expert of the mental game and coach to professional, olympic, and developing athletes all over the world. Todd’s innovative approach focuses upon confidence-building to reduce stress, avoid game distractions, conquer negative thinking and address poor game-planning.

Through The Peak Athlete and The Champions Challenge, Todd has helped over 12,383 athletes from 31 countries and 59 different sports earn scholarships, make professional teams, win gold medals and break records using the secrets of the mental game.

Given it’s the start of a New Year, I think we could all use a hand in building our confidence and crushing our New Years resolutions, don’t you? It’s all mental, folks, so listen up.

In the show, Todd and I cover:

  • How you can use the mental game to make your New Years resolutions come true
  • How to incorporate visualization into your workouts for killer results
  • Todd’s take on why The Fat-Burning Man Show took off (hint: it’s all about intention)
  • How Todd broke his neck in a freak diving accident and joined the 0.3% who made a full recovery
  • How the doozers in Fraggle Rock can help you create positive habits
  • And TONS more…

Awesome. Let’s do this.

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  1. Such a wonderful podcast, full of positive and practical tips and a great way to start the new year, all the best Todd and Abel thanks once again for your passion for spreading the truth about fat loss, thanks

  2. Awesome interview. I love the part about making small nudges instead of drastic or overly ambitious goals. When I look back on on my successful (and sometimes not so successful) behavioral changes and habit formations in the past, I think baby steps has been the key.

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