U.J. Ramdas: The 5-Minute Journal, Goal Setting Secrets, & How to Hack Your Happiness Setpoint

UJ Ramdas

U.J. Ramdas is the co-creator of The Five Minute Journal (check out his new app!) and Intelligent Change where he creates cool products that make people happier. U.J. is a big fan of the wilderness, eastern meditative practices, metaphysics, and a good cup of tea.

My kind of dude.

You’ll like him, too.

A Fun Announcement

We’re just gearing up to launch my brand new online community, The Fat-Burning Tribe. Stay tuned for giveaways, live question-and-answer sessions with me and special guests, as well as exclusive coaching sessions where I cover hot topics like how to break through fat loss plateaus, cutting-edge biohacks, and how to cook the perfect fat-burning meal for you in your family.

Come join the fun at FatBurningTribe.com. And the best way to keep in touch is to enter your best email address on this website, and you can learn more about just about everything we talk about on the show!

On this show you’ll learn:

  • How regularly practicing gratitude can improve your life
  • Goal-setting secrets to master your mindset
  • How to hack your happiness set point
  • And much more…



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  1. Abel,

    This was such a great podcast. UJ seems so down-to-earth while still aspiring to evolve. Love that.

    Looking forward to the tribe; I really enjoy your show and your message is so refreshing. Your recent interview on the Health Bridge was great, too! Thank you for providing us with such awesome content and keeping things interesting.

  2. Abel;

    Very interesting show and had a lot of good ideas. What type of tea where you drinking? It looks very good.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Russell Bray says:

    Great podcast Abel, but I am pretty sure that UJ is really Ali G. You may have noticed that they are never photographed together.


  4. Like many people I’ve had a lot of stuff going on in my life. I started using the app and have noticed that my outlook is changing and when things do come up I know where to focus. Thanks for this podcast. I enjoyed it and benefitted from the discussion!

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