Young and Raw: 14-Day Juice Challenge, Insulin Spikes, & Secret Superfoods in Abel’s Cupboard

Young & Raw on The Fat-Burning Man Show

Sheleana and Caleb are co-founders of the hugely-popular Young And Raw where they teach people how to improve health with real, whole foods. You’re going to dig this show.

We  partnered up to make an app, 14 Day Juice Challenge, that makes veggies fun again. And – awesome news – we just hit #1 on the Food & Drink Charts for the 3rd time in a row!

If you haven’t started your 14 Day Juice Challenge, click this link to get your app today and get your veggies on.

14-Day Juice Challenge App

On this show you’ll learn:

  • How to listen to your body (and why it’s important)
  • The benefits of adding in juices and green smoothies for cravings, weight loss, and healing
  • How to manage insulin spikes from juicing vs. just eating whole plants/fruits
  • Superfoods in Abel’s cupboard (that he never talks about)…
  • And much more

Here’s the show.



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  1. Abel,

    Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for healthy living. I have learned so much from you and am eternally grateful!

  2. A lot of good talk and zero evidence, references citations or else i missed them , i wonder what their
    background is, i guess i’ll need to look it up , sloppy or at least not up to par with past shows

  3. Hi Abel, thanks a lot for this and all the excelent pods. Can you please write down the references for the supplements that Shelena and Caleb recommend and that you seem to be also ordering?

  4. I’m a first time listener. Enjoyed the information. 15 Minutes into your podcast you mention colostrum, elk antler, and T1. Do you have a preferred colostrum source? Thank you.

  5. Bummer, listened to the podcast in hopes that I would learn the advertised…

    The benefits of adding in juices and green smoothies for cravings, weight loss, and healing

    How to manage insulin spikes from juicing vs. just eating whole plants/fruits

    Saying just the words and glossing over it 34 mins into the podcast doesn’t count in my book. I also didn’t hear anything on managing insulin when juicing.

  6. Erik Wilson says:

    I listen to almost every podcast and I’ve noticed a trend that a couple folks hear have picked up on; concepts presented without proper support. Not that its not eluded to, but mentions or footnoting of specific studies or reports are become less and less common. I agree with an earlier commentor that a written summary here on the blog would be helpful if it included links to some of there references that we are hearing about in the podcast. I realize you can’t pin people down on every point during every show, but I feel like you’ve let some stuff slide recently.


  7. Superb post however , I was wanting to know if you
    could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if
    you could elaborate a little bit more. Many thanks!

  8. I was listening to the podcast and I couldn’t hear too well the 3 supplements that Caleb used for building muscle. I was wondering if you can reply back what they were? Thanks

  9. What are we talking about, when we all say “cleanse”? What specifically are we “cleansing”? Are we suggesting that the are those mythical “toxins” circulating in the body and our vessels are like a chimney pipe that needs cleaning? Don’t you find this whole concept questionable, at best? I mean, this is a great show when it discusses the benefits (and importance of) high-protein/high-fat diets and the detrimental impact of processed foods, etc., but all of a sudden – there is a bandwagon of the esoteric juice-cleansing techniques… These techniques sound esoteric and mystical, agreed, but what scientific merit does all this have? Why would you even consider substituting whole food for (mostly) sugary water squeezed out of it? The way most professionals (of which I am not, just stating numerous sources I’ve read and common sense and common knowledge of human biology) see the detoxification movement is – it’s useless. whatever the body needs to dispose of it does so through normal mechanisms in the liver and kidneys – byproducts of metabolism and breakdown are mostly excreted through urine and feces – only a few heavy metal compounds are generally stored in fat and thus temporarily “deactivated” (until massive deposits of fat are lost, which can trigger some poisoning effects) – otherwise, what is there to “detox” and render harmless? Most importantly – everybody is talking about lemon cleansing, juice cleansing, and whatever-else-cleansing solutions without even trying to explain the mechanism through which this mythical cleansing is supposed to rid the body of whatever harmful compounds are expected to be found there. At some point during the interview they talk about harmful effects of wi-fi waves – this is just downright funny if we are expecting juicing to clear that 🙂 This is not very scientific, I’m sorry… Otherwise – you have a great podcast and great cause, but I think a few topics for some interviews are contradictory to the overall podcast spirit.

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