Denny Hemingson: Paleo in the Tim McGraw Band, Dropping 45 Pounds, and How to Stay Lean on the Road

Denny Hemingson on The Fat-Burning Man ShowToday is a very special episode – our guest is actually one of our listeners. Denny Hemingson e-mailed me about the great success he’s had after finding the show and living a Paleo(ish) lifestyle.

The kicker? He’s the band leader for Tim McGraw. Having toured for years as a musician myself, it’s incredible to hear how well Denny has worked healthy habits into one of the most health-unfriendly vocations in existence. Tip of the hat, Denny!

If you’re looking for insight on how to live Wild/Paleo/Primal on the road or working the night shift (or if you dig country), this is the episode for you.


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Alright, onto the show with Denny. We chat about:

  • How Tim Mcgraw exercises on the road (hint: he’s a beast)
  • How Denny went from 240 to 194 by eating bacon, butter, and eggs
  • How to stay lean on the road and working the night shift

Here’s the show.

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  1. It is great to hear a “real dude with real results”. Denny could easily come up with countless reasons to pick up super sized fast food meals on the run but has made a decision to walk the good walk. No surprise he’s had such positive results. His interview is wonderfully refreshing and he is unmistakeably authentic.

  2. Denny Hemingson says:

    Thanks again Abel, it was so much fun being on the show! I’d like to add that if anyone wants to trade tips about living paleo/primal on the road my email address is:

  3. Hi Abel, I love listening to your show. I’m a health coach in Houston, and I listen to you on the way to work. It helps keep me informed, motivated and I’m much more productive. Thank you for keeping all the BS out and just keeping it real. My family and I have adopted a Paleo lifestyle for over a year now and it’s made such a huge difference in our lives. Anyways, keep up the good work!!

  4. ManWithNoName says:

    This was an awesome show. Denny did a great job! It’s good to hear from people that are going through basically the same thing I am, and what a lot of your listeners are going through, I’m sure.

  5. Ha! I found out about the FBM show from the music director/band leader of the band that I tour with.

    We’re a fit bunch even on the road––I remember coming home from a five-week xmas tour in better shape than when I left.

    I think it really depends on who you tour with. For us, there’s always a willing workout partner, we keep kettlebells under the bus, do YAYOG workouts, & finagle day passes to local gyms.

    Plus I think sleeping in tour bus bunks is great–it’s pitch black (once you unplug the DVD player) and cocoon-like.

    • Haha awesome Josh! You are so right about it being all about “who you’re with.” That goes for non-tour folks as well! Community can make a huge difference. – Emily, FBM Team

  6. Wow!! That show was great. I really relate to how Denny got started on Paleo by finding Mark Sisson and then finding FBM. Same road I have been on. It is great to hear from someone who is just trying to get it right and succeeding!!
    Thanks Abel for all you do, you Rock!!
    Oh yeah, I wanna hear more about roasting your own coffee beans for your fatty coffee!!

  7. Dave Manship says:

    Thought #Denny_Hemingson did a great interview. Had the privilege of visiting with him a few days this past month and discussing the #paleo _diet and #Able_James #Wild_Diet book (of which I am now an owner of). Denny is such a down to earth honest man he had no trouble showing me the wisdom of the lifestyle he is living 2 years after your interview with him. Looking forward to to sharing your podcast with my step sons gym; the HSC (#HastingsStrengthAndConditioning) #CrossFit who is promoting the paleo diet through his gym and general lifestyle.

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