How to Make Fatty Coffee with Butter and MCT Oil (Ketogenic Coffee Recipe for Biohackers)

How to Make Fatty Coffee

Hi Folks,
I’ve been getting loads of questions recently about how I make my ketogenic “fatty coffee” at home.  So I just made a video (filmed by the crazy-talented George Bryant, no less) giving you a fatty coffee recipe.

As many of you know, I don’t tend to eat breakfast most days of the week. Instead, I engage in a ketogenic fast, which starves the body of protein and carbs.

But Abel, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

No, it’s not.

A biohacker at heart, I drink my breakfast and I like it that way. I typically employ a compressed eating window in my daily routine, typically eating my first meal of the day between 12pm and 3pm. But before I have my first meal, I have lots and lots of fat… in my coffee.

Remember, fat is brain food.

And you want to know how you can really burn fat? By eating lots of it.

I’ve been putting heavy cream in my coffee (along with other fun fats, including but not limited to clotted cream, coconut oil, nut butters, and even Bailey’s from time to time… shhh) for many years. But last year I was inspired by my buddy Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Coffee(tm) to throw butter and MCT oil in there, as well.

Then things got crazy.

Combine my homemade, hand-roasted, french-pressed, fair-trade, organic coffee with a healthy helping of fat and deliciousness ensues.

For those who don’t have my secret source of green beans, my friend Dave Asprey contributed his take on the importance of sourcing high-quality beans:

Abel is right that fresh roasted beans are better. Starbucks has hundreds of millions of dollars of pre-bought coffee sitting around, and some of it sits for months. The problem with sourcing green coffee is that the vast majority of green coffee, even washed coffee, contains some amount of mycotoxin antihistamine. You can reduce the likelihood of getting large doses of it by using Central American shade grown wet process coffee, but wet process coffee is still fermented with uncontrolled species, and the skill level of the coffee picker controls what goes in to the fermentation vessel. That’s why Upgraded Coffee is produced with a process which is of course freshly roasted (not quite as fresh as Abel, but very fresh), but also allows for no fermentation ever, and we test every batch with laboratory techniques to verify that there are no detectable performance-robbing toxins. The result is that the coffee gives you a boost but without jitters or a crash.

There aren’t many coffee beans that I recommend, but if you’re looking for a high-quality bean with a great-tasting roast, Dave’s Upgraded Coffee is a solid option. Lord knows when I was out in San Francisco at the biohacking conference, that coffee got me through the jetlag.

So how can you make fatty coffee at home? Watch the video below to find out. Enjoy!



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  1. Christina D says:

    Well I know how I’m making my coffee tomorrow!

    Question – You mention roasting your own coffee… do you need a specific product to home roast coffee in, or could I do it in my oven or something?

  2. I’ve been putting coconut oil in my coffee and skipping breakfast for awhile now, along with eating modified Paleo (modified = anything I want one day a week). At 56 years old I’m still in 31X40 Wranglers (what I used to wear in high school) at 6′ 0″ and 165 lbs, so I know the lifestyle works. If you will, please allow me to plug my favorite coffee… Kabum @ It’s the best coffee I’ve been able to find so far (and they appear to be doing a good thing as well). Kabum + Organic Coconut Oil + one of those little whipper things = yummy coffee and a clear head! And to Christina D, You can roast coffee in a hot air popcorn popper, but I like the Hottop home coffee roaster the best. Google it.

  3. I do a similar blend every morning. I have found using a magic/nutri-bullet blender to be ideal. You get a really frothy coffee and it comes with a cup.

    In the afternoons I will often some protein powder as well (ends up like a cappuccino).

      • Hi Abel, HWC won’t negate your keto fast ? I use about 1-2 tbs total as I have 2 cups of bulletproof coffee in the am. I have heard that HWC negates your fast, but it barely has any carbs in it.

        • hi Abel

          I am loving your fatty coffee and your wild diet all the way in Australia. however was just wondering how many fatty coffees would you recommend max. Currently I drink 2-3 before heading off to work, gets me through my workout and ready for the day.
          Is that too many?

          • Hi Brigette,
            I typically stick to probably a total of 2-4 tablespoons of fat total over the course of a fast. If you’re having a whole stick of butter or other oil (as some do), that’s probably getting carried away.

            Listen to your body and see how you feel!

  4. I’m new to the site here, and loving all the new ideas I’m learning. I’ve been following a leangains style of IF off and on for a couple years now. I understand that fat causes little to no insulin spike…but slamming all those calories surely counts as breaking your fast, no?

    • Yes, it’s ketogenic fasting, not fasting outright. If you consume calories, you’re technically not fasting. However, if you consume only fat, your body stays in autophagy so you still get many of the health benefits of fasting without the restriction.

  5. What’s a good substitute for coffee? i’d like to start doing a bullet-proof drink in the morning, but I do not like coffee. Any ideas?

  6. Do you think it’s necessary to fast? I workout way more than a normal person, I’m vegan, and I have a really busy schedule so I find my self eating dinner later than 7 or 8 sometimes. In the morning I only consume fruit, just fruit until 12 then I eat my meals after that. I just feel that it isn’t necessary to get results? And what are the benefits from fasting, and is it really that bad to eat breakfast?

  7. Marie-Elizabeth says:

    What would you recommend to replace the heavy cream? I don’t do dairy (except grass-fed butter). Would unsweetened vanilla almond milk be too processed or caloric for this?

  8. Morgan Miller says:

    So I am sure you use grass fed/finished butter and cream, but I cant do any dairy. I love the idea but it really doesnt work for me. Any suggestions? I have tried it with just coconut oil and it tastes ok, but I am not sure it is giving the same effect.

  9. hi, been making your fat coffee instead of brekki for about a month. i have major fat to lose, around 90lb and want to build great muscle. how many times a day would you say to have a fat coffee? i would be happy to replace all my meals with it!!! oh btw should i not do the coffee if not in ketosis? cheers 🙂

  10. Mike Pritts says:

    Abel, you mention skipping breakfast when you drink “fatty coffee.” How long do you recommend going without eating after? I workout in the morning before work and like to eat immediately after. So for me, I would have the coffee at 5AM, workout, then breakfast around 0730. Is 2 1/2 hours sufficient before having protein/carb?

  11. Hey Abel!

    Interesting post! Do you have any studies that show that the advantages of calorie restriction can be kept whilst consuming calories from fatty acids?

  12. I did my own version with what I had on hand. It was not only really good, but did indeed keep my hunger free for a solid 4.5 hours. My glucose level (currently type II diabetic) only rose a small amount as well. I used Italian espresso and basically made a bulletproof Americano or as I like to call it, High Caliber Bulletproof Coffee :-D. I like mine a little creamier and sweeter so I added an extra ounce of Almond milk and a teaspoon of xylitol. I’m not sure health-wise how this particular brand stacks up, but the flavor is the best coffee I’ve ever head once I dilute it a little and it’s not even close.

    4 oz – Lavazza Crema e Gusto Ground Coffee, Italian Espresso(prepared)
    4 oz – hot water
    2 oz – unsweetened Almond milk
    1 tbsp – Kerrygold unsalted butter
    1 tbsp – Trader Joe’s Virgin Coconut Oil
    1 tsp – Xylitol

    Abel, if you add the nut-butter, do you do that in addition to the butter and MCT or Coconut oil or in place of one?

    • Sounds delicious! You can add the nut-butter in with the MCT/coconut for some added flavor. The MCT’s are part of the energy and focus kick you get from Fatty Coffee 🙂 – Emily, FBM Team Coach

  13. Huge, HUGE fan of fatty coffee! Not only does it taste great, but it’s also the absolute best way in the world to wake up and jumpstart the brain in the morning.

    I’ve tried the Bulletproof version –– and it’s certainly good –– though I’d like to think my own recipe and preparation is quite a bit tastier. Here’s how my version goes:

    • One cup of dark roast organic coffee, quick brewed in an Aeropress.
    • One TBS of Kerry Gold Salt-free Butter.
    • One heaping TBS of Organic Coconut Butter.
    • Three to Four TBS of Organic Coconut Milk.
    • 1/8 to 1/4 tsp of Ground Cinnamon.

    Place in a tall cup or mug, and then whip the living hell out of all this using either a long spoon or small electric whisk.

    Honest-to-god, this is the best damn cup of coffee imaginable, and the sort of thing that keeps me going for a good three to four hours (especially with all 250 of its delicious, saturated-fat laden calories). Also, the cinnamon is a really nice touch, giving a slightly sweet flavor to the brew, without actually adding any sugars to the mix.

    • Sounds delish! I love coconut butter in mine as well! Do you brew the coffee with the cinnamon mixed into the beans? I’ve done that before and liked the results too! Cheers to fatty coffee! 🙂 – Emily, FBM Team

  14. Emily: I use an Aeropress to brew my coffee (a great cup of java in just sixty seconds), and wouldn’t attempt adding the cinnamon to the beans. Cinnamon turns slightly gelatinous when added to hot water, and so –– if the beans and cinnamon were mixed together –– the “gluey” cinnamon would clog up the filter of the Aeropress.

  15. some of us are chronic over-doers. I know its hard to advise but how much of this coffee is too much? is it intended for one cup until noon or several cups. Is it another one of those “find what’s best for you” situtations?

  16. Stuart Foster says:

    Wondering how many times a week people do the fat coffee? Sure that people are al over the place…. but for weight loss, what are the benefits of the daily fatty fasting versus lets says 3-4 days a week?

    Do love my coconut cream, HWC, and Kerrygold blend!

    • Yup, you’re right, people are all over the place with it! Totally depends on what works best for your body. Play around with it and see what gives you the most energy/best results 🙂 – Emily, FBM Team

  17. I’m eager to try this but I’m one of those people who needs a little sweetness in my coffee. I’ve tried for years to like coffee with out sugar, or sweetener, but it’s yet to happen. Is there a good alternative? I’ve heard of people adding a small amount of stevia, but on the flip side, have heard that’s bad because it makes you crave more sugar. What’s the best choice to not spike your insulin or blood sugar?

  18. Mary Ann Wiebe says:

    Hi Guys,
    Finally researched yesterday a lingering suspicion I had about MCT oil. Why are the current Paleo gurus pushing MCT a processed version of natural virgin coconut oil? This processed MCT oil is missing the healthiest part of the oil which is lauric acid, abundant in the natural product. Best source other than human mother’s milk. Why are we paying more, and shipping it across the country, to get less healthily product. I’ve bought tons of MCT, but enjoy my fatty coffees with the real stuff.

    Of all people to be pushing a processed oil MCT that is devoid of the best quality component! I marvel that you as the Paleo gurus whom we come to trust aren’t looking into this yourselves. I’m just say’s.

  19. Jose Valenzuela says:

    Hi Abel, I enjoy listening to your podcasts and have learned a lot from it. My questions is where can I order the fair trade coffee if I want to do my own roasting. Thanks.

  20. Question:
    How necessary is it to use a sponge bob mug? I have a green arrow mug I’d like to use. Will that work?

    Thanks for all the great work your doin out there in the peoples republic of Austin. Keep it up sir and congrats on the engagement.

  21. Richard Laing says:

    Anyone blending macadamia nuts into their morning coffee? Wondering if they blend well enough not to make gritty coffee. Seems like they would make a tasty alternative to peeps that might not want to use butter!

  22. I’ve read of some people adding protein (in the form of collagen hydrolysate) to their fatty coffee. I tried it and found it pleasing in taste and texture. Then I heard Abel (in his CreativeLive course) say that avoiding other nutrients, including protein, is important for this morning routine. But, here I see the suggested use of nut butters in fatty coffee. Various nut and seed butters have 3-4 g of protein per tbsp, while the coll.hydrol. has about 1.5 times that. Is protein actually okay to add? Should the amount be under some limit, making a little bit of nut butter okay? I welcome your knowledge and advice on this. Thanks.

  23. The big problem with Dave’s “Bulletproof” coffee are the SFAs in the butter. Some SFAs are not inflammatory, those in butter are and you’ve also got the problems with the cholesterol in the butter which, according to most of the research I’ve read, becomes oxidized at +107 degrees*. Water boils at 212 degrees F. Is this an issue? I can’t say for sure as there’s no definitive answer, but, as an interview on Dr. Mercola’s site notes, there’s a 1:1 between oxidized cholesterol and arterial plaque. And, Dr. Steve Gundy–a LOW carb MD and cardiologist–minimizes the amount of animal proteins and fats in his diet.

    Don’t forget, Dave’s background is sitting in front of a laptop and writing code and hacking computers. He’s not a cardiologist nor research scientist, so, while Bulletproof coffee may sound cool and taste good — which it does — buyer beware and check things out for yourself. I’ll use Coconut Oil and a little almond milk. Just don’t want to play Russian roulette with my arteries.

  24. I would love to try roasting my own coffee. Any recommendations for where online I could buy some green organic coffee?

  25. Jason Hughes says:

    I must be doing the fasting thing completely wrong Abel. I thought only water was beneficial during a 16-20 hour fast? Will doing your method help me burn even more fat?

    • How do you do with just water? That’s a different kind of fasting, but can help as well.

      Adding fat is useful if you feel like you need more energy to get you through your compressed eating window. But I say try it and see how you feel!

  26. Hi Abel,

    Since I live in The Netherlands I can’t seem to find Triglyceride. The things I find on Amazon seem to be Fishoil.. Will that do the trick? I know that’s available over here, but maybe you know a substitute since I don’t want my coffee to taste fishy 😉

    Started fasting and changing my diet a week ago and I’m staggered by the results in such a short amount of time!
    So thanks a lot and keep it up!


    • Happy to hear that you’re getting great results, David!

      I wouldn’t do fish oil in coffee, but I’d recommend you try whipping cream (heavy cream), grassfed butter, coconut milk, or anything else that’s high in fat with a relatively neutral taste. There are so many options!

      • Thanks! In that case I didn’t understand it well enough. I’ve been having the fatty coffee as breakfast for over a week now. With coconut oil, cream and grassfed butter just like you mentioned. It tastes great! I thought the triglyceride was another addition to the coffee but that’s what the things in the coffee contain. I get in now! I was just wondering whether it’s good to have more than 1 cup of fatty coffee during the day? Because after a few hours I’m starting to crave for more 😉

  27. Just a thought, whipping some organic heavy cream can turn it into butter (and buttermilk), how about I just put the cream into my coffee?

  28. Hi able, I can’t find any grass fed dairies around me to buy butter or cream, and the can only find MTC oil in processed power form. I was wondering if I could substitute either or both of these with coconut oil?

  29. Hi Abel,

    Can we have fatty coffee any time of the day? Like after lunch? Or is it one of those things that we should only consume in the mornings on an empty stomach to get the most benefits?

  30. Abel, I was reading through the posts and noticed some interesting questions I’d really like to hear your stance on:

    “May 14, 2013
    hi, been making your fat coffee instead of brekki for about a month. i have major fat to lose, around 90lb and want to build great muscle. how many times a day would you say to have a fat coffee? i would be happy to replace all my meals with it!!! oh btw should i not do the coffee if not in ketosis? cheers :)”


  31. Abel, I saw the following post from a while back but I didn’t see a reply…..

    Mike Pritts says:
    May 14, 2013 at 6:31 pm
    Abel, you mention skipping breakfast when you drink “fatty coffee.” How long do you recommend going without eating after? I workout in the morning before work and like to eat immediately after. So for me, I would have the coffee at 5AM, workout, then breakfast around 0730. Is 2 1/2 hours sufficient before having protein/carb?

    I work out every morning at 6:30am, otherwise it would never happen. Like Mike I typically eat breakfast afterwards. This is also when i typically have my carbs. What would you suggest? If I just have the fatty coffee will that suffice or am I jeopardizing my muscle recovery?

  32. Just had a second thought……

    Could I just switch the timing of my fast? Instead I could have a decaf fatty coffee at 5pm and then fast until the morning. I can wake up, work out, and break my fast at 8:30am when I normally eat breakfast and then have lunch later. Thoughts?

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