Interview with George Bryant, Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations

Today we’re here with George Bryant, marine, skydiver, photographer, and the man behind Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations. Aside from being an extremely talented cook and photographer, George has a truly inspiring story; he shed nearly 100 pounds from his frame… from pudgy to completely ripped.

When recruiters said he was “too fat” to be a marine, he dropped 70 pounds. After he spent a year in a wheelchair and was told he’d have trouble walking, he became a triathlete and kettlebell machine. Although he started with next to no experience in the kitchen, he now is one of the most popular and well-known cooks in paleo, the Civilized Caveman.

No kidding, for all of his beautiful photography, delicious recipes, and general artsy-fartsiness, you wouldn’t want to mess with this guy. Right?

Don't mess with George.

We had an awesome little chat. We talk about:

  • George’s secret to losing nearly 100 pounds, getting ripped, and finding his elusive six-pack (and it’s not what you think)
  • How George became a social media madman with a cult-like following (his website now has more than 23,000 fans on Facebook)
  • How to eat paleo on chow hall food in Afghanistan
  • How overtraining nearly caused George’s legs to explode (literally)
  • What it’s like to eat a camel and a crocodile
  • Why paleo is completely different from one person to the next (and that’s a good thing)
  • Advice for paleos just getting started in the kitchen
  • Why eating real food is cheaper than eating the standard American diet
  • Why George’s logo is an old man despite the fact that he’s ripped and in his 20’s

Cool. Here’s the show.

[audio:|titles=Interview with George Bryant, Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations](download link)



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  1. This was a great interview. Inspirational and informative! I’ve been catching up on your podcasts since I discovered you through Brad Pilon. Keep up the great work and please, please, please keep feeding me podcasts!

    -Ted Barthle

  2. Carolyn Bridge says:

    Thanks Abel for sharing all of your great and ever expanding knowledge. You’re a brain child of manliness. I really liked your audio Paleo video. Good info and cute (macho dude) pictures of you and Alyson.
    I just finished your interview with George Bryant. He is very interesting and I can’t wait to share this interview with my almost 400 lb. brother-in-law. I have saved the link to George’s recipes.

    Carolyn Bridge

  3. Thanks for another great podcast.

    Created a little shift in my thinking. Both your perspectives on how there shouldn’t be a rigid paleo, only a system that if a food does you good then it’s paleo for you;
    This can open this lifestyle we enjoy to many more people, as many instantly dismiss things which appear too strict.

    Also good work on the Introduction To Paleo pack

    I’m off to eat some pulled pork or maybe a camel.

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