Lewis Howes: How to Lose 28 pounds in 28 days, Injury Recovery, and Beating Sugar Addiction

Lewis Howes on The Fat-Burning Man Show

This week’s show features the host of yet another top podcast (and a genuinely awesome dude), Mr. Lewis Howes. Lewis is a lifestyle entrepreneur, former world record holder, and two sport professional athlete. He is also the voice behind the hugely popular “School of Greatness” podcast.

If you haven’t already heard Lewis’ School of Greatness podcast, take a listen. If you want to up your game in business, mindset, or ass-kicking, his show is life-changing stuff. 🙂

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Onto the show with Lewis. We chat about:

  • How Lewis lost 28 pounds in 28 days (Check out the before and after pic below!)
  • How to recover from a career-ending injury
  • Why a thriving body is essential to a successful life
  • What kicking butt in sports has to do with building a business

Lewis Howes 28 days 28 Pounds | FatBurningMan.com

Beast mode! Here’s the show.

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  1. Love Lewis! Having an injury and attachment to our perceived selves can be so hard to tear our selves away from. Really interesting to hear about Lewis’ struggle to become a business man. Interesting back story, how far feeling alienated in childhood has pushed him to become a better self.

  2. Andronico Rafael Jr says:

    This is my favorite podcast so far!!!! So awesome and inspiring. Coming from the teachings of Rohn, Ziglar, Bruce Lee, this interview really hit me. I think we forget our vision, when we focus too much on the grind. But what’s the grind if we don’t know what it’s for. Thank you for this one inch punch to my soul. It’s time to re evaluate, refocus, and then grind like a mad man!!!

  3. This was a great interview, thanks for bringing Lewis on. He’s so correct that greatness is not being great only at one thing, but that flows down to everything else in your life. Also, the UCLA coach was John Wooden, who had a pyramid of success.

  4. Dominick Borino says:

    Your killing me man! When I was Lewis Howes age I could look like that by standing on my head! I’m a 66 year old man, very active and very fit. Start showing some real people with real results. Is Paleo only for young people? I want to follow a Paleo lifestyle by not sure it’s for the older generation. I listen to your pod casts often but my confidence is waning.

    • Paleo/Wild Diet/whole-foods lifestyles are definitely for EVERYONE! It’s not about being crazy a Crossfitter, or becoming a Paleo-blogger. Whole-foods give you the best health-bang for your buck 😉 – Emily, FBM Team

  5. Abel,

    I’ve been following your podcast for a few months now and I must say, Lewis Howes was an excellent guest. His story is truly inspirational and useful for all athletes and health nuts who work for a living. A macro view of health and its relation to business and life success is a nice change of pace on the show. Keep up the good work.

    Michael A.
    Denver, CO

  6. Abel,
    I’ve listened to this podcast three times and I’m watching the video for the first time.
    So inspirational! Lewis has definatly inspired me to find my passion, and focus.
    The paleo lifestyle has been an amazing life changing event for me and I’m so “on fire” do apply your and Lewis’ advice to other areas of my life.
    Great job and I totally enjoy your podcast. It is a part of my everyday life.
    Thank you!

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