Paleo Success Story: How Jason Lost 48 Pounds, Eliminated Asthma, and Ditched his Manboobs


Today’s success story is from a now svelte sales manager from Manchester, England, Jason Delvard.

Those of you who have followed the traditional “healthy” low-fat, grain-filled diet and experienced fat gain, inflammation, and health problems, this one is for you.

When Jason followed the conventional-wisdom-fueled weight loss advice of magazines, media, and even his doctor, he gained weight (and grew manboobs).

What happened when he took a risk and followed an ancestral diet? He lost 48 pounds, eliminated asthma, shrunk his manboobs, and went from “fattest” to “fittest.”

Not too shabby for eating bacon and butter.

I hope you find Jason’s story inspiring. It certainly made me smile.

“I feel vital, full of energy every day, and super-positive. I feel like I can achieve anything.” – Jason Delvard

Hi Abel,

Looking back, my diet was always rubbish – bread for breakfast, bread for lunch and bread for dinner! However, as a youngster I was always a skinny little dude and never gave nutrition a second thought. That changed at the end of my teens, I didn’t want to be overweight so I joined a gym and started eating diet food which included lots of “healthy” whole grains.

I unintentionally started my “weight gain programme”.

The weight slowly crept on and the fat boy jokes started coming more frequently. The more weight I put on the more miles I ran and the more whole grains I consumed.

I remember feeling really down, this was due to the fact that I believed I was doing everything RIGHT and could lose a single pound, I was convinced it was a medical issue and told the doctor my sob story.

My bloods were duly taken, however when the results came back, SHOCKER! There was nothing wrong with my thyroid! What now?

Doc gave me some pills to fix the issue. (I now realize that doctors prescribed pills for every health issue I had ever encountered when simple diet changes would have rectified the problem.)

The diet pills meant that whenever I consumed food with a small amount of fat included, a 100 yard dash to the toilet is all that stood in the way of me annihilating my trousers. I lost a little weight but could I live like that? No way! I just had to try harder.

By 2008, trying harder got me up to 15 stone – 210 pounds – I was wearing XL tee shirts and had a 38 inch waist (for all you 5 ft. 8 guys out there, you know how bad an XL shirt looks like on a shorter guy, the arms on the t shirt come down to your elbow rather the top of the bicep). I was starting to look “American” with my oversized clothes and baggy jeans. My friends goaded me and squeezed my boobs… looking back I’m “glad”; maybe their insensitive comments spurred me on to find the solution.

So I started to do interval exercise and doing a food diary. This made me more aware of the food I was consuming and I lost around 14 pounds. I maintained the weight loss for around 3 years but couldn’t lose any more. Then it happened I stumbled across Paleo and I was already on board with the paradigm shift to ancestral thinking as I had thrown away my expensive running trainers (another conventional lie) and was running round town barefoot.

I believe that if you are going to be successful in something you need to become an expert on the subject. So I absorbed all the info in the various podcasts and blogs (especially the Fat-Burning Man) and got started.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was, I was eating tasty, nutritious food every day and getting leaner and leaner. I’m totally hooked on the lifestyle and feel like I’m part of a global cyber community. As daft as that sounds it just feels so freaking good… and so right!

I now run up hills a lot quicker and finished in the top 20 in a recent race. The manboobs have nearly gone and Brad Pitt’s six-pack is in there somewhere. It’s just a matter of time. I’m also spreading the word, in a none religious sense. Just recently wrote 30 day meal plan for my sister who is a size 18 and suffering various physical and cognitive health issues (off work due to stress related illness. In two weeks she has lost 10 pounds and feels brilliant and is planning on going back to work soon, look out for her success story soon).

I’m leaner, fitter, and healthier, and I’m getting loads of sleep. There’s even a little bit of a six pack popping through! Running is going really well, and I’m faster than ever before. I started a local primal fitness class, mov nat type deal, body weight crawling. I’m the star pupil. It’s nice being the fittest in the class rather than the fattest.

It’s a vibrant fulfilling lifestyle, where I eat delicious satisfying food everyday that provides my body with the STUFF it needs and ensures that I look, feel and perform at my optimum Level.

Old Lifestyle

  • Diet 100 % Standard American Diet
  • Treats: Chocolate, Pies, Pizza, Choc Beer, Wine, Soda
  • Training, Running 35 miles per week, lifting weights twice a week.
  • Supplements: None

New Lifestyle

Diet 95 % Paleo

  • Treats: berries, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, glass of red, and the odd beer
  • Training, running 5 miles per week (minimal effort maximum reward), group Primal Fitness class, frog jumps, scorpions etc.
  • Supplements: whey, magnesium, cod liver oil, Omega 3, Vitamin D, and Probiotics

Here are my stats now after 10 months living, eating and training as nature intended!

  • Weight 11 stone 8 Pounds (162 Pounds) Total weight loss 48 pounds
  • T-shirt Size – from XL to Small
  • Jeans 38 inch to 30 inch waist
  • All around health: I feel vital, full of energy every day, and super-positive. I feel like I can achieve anything.
  • I was asthmatic all my life. My doctor very close to taking me off medication for the first time ever.
  • I suffered from hay fever all my life. No more!
  • I suffered with acne since my teens. Now I have really clear skin.
  • I suffered from regular severe migraines all my adult life. Not a single headache in 6 months!
  • Compliments are a weekly occurrence… Everyone wants to know my secret!

Thanks man, you’ve helped in a massive way, your show gave me another slant on the Paleo blueprint, Lately I’m challenging you for the title of Fat-Burning Man, I m losing healthy amount of body fat every week while putting on muscle.

What did I get from your recent shows? “Everyone needs to develop their own unique solution.” I have a whey protein with Coconut Water for breakfast 4-5 days per week, IF once per week and I eat a little less red meat and more fish. The change in the last few weeks has been my best ever, “I need a new wardrobe.”

Many Thanks,

Jason Delvard


Paleo Diet Before and After


Thanks for sharing your story, Jason. I’m so glad to have played a role in your success. Keep it up, my friend, and be in touch!

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