Steve Kamb: Nerd Fitness, the Gamification of Life, and How to Live Like James Bond

 Steve Kamb on The Fat-Burning Man Show

Today’s extra-fun show is with Steve Kamb, the guy behind, a super popular blog and fitness community. He’s helped thousands of regular people “level up their lives” as he says, all while taking epic quests around the world.

Now before we get to our show today with Steve, I just want to tell you guys about what’s been going on behind the scenes here, and why you may have had some trouble reaching us in the past few days. I actually wrote a whole blog post about it, because it’s completely wacky.

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So on today’s show with Steve we talk about:

  • How you can make your fitness and life as fun as a video game
  • How to get kids to level up in real life instead of “World of Warcraft”
  • And what it’s like to live like James Bond in Monte Carlo

Here’s the show.

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  1. chuck powers says:

    Hello Abel
    Love the pod cast. I’m knew to the hole paleo and your pod cast. Is there a pod cast on just your vieiws and how to start your sysyem.

    • Hi Chuck, your best bet might be to check out The Wild Diet to learn more about Abel’s thoughts on food choices etc. Currently we do not have a podcast solely on Abel’s views. – Emily, FBM Team Coach

  2. Love the angle you have Steve. The video game and south park references cracked me up.

    I definitely struggle with trying not to play video games though I find that I enjoy it for a good mindless release sometimes.

    Only recently got more into health and fitness and I think the biggest thing that have helped me stick with it is tracking progress. When you have actual proof of yourself getting stronger, losing inches on your waist, it gives you that positive reinforcement to keep doing it more.

    Keep kicking ass.

    Great work Abel. Loving the podcast.

    • Glad you enjoyed the show! Tracking progress is definitely crucial to being able to stick with any kind of lifestyle change. Keep up the great work! – Emily, FBM Team Coach

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