Alisa Vitti: Adrenal Fatigue, Reversing Low Libido, and What Men Should REALLY Know About Women

Alisa Vitti on The Fat-Burning Man Show

So on today’s show I talk with Alisa Vitti, the best selling author of The Woman Code.  She is also the founder of, a virtual health center that supports women’s hormonal and reproductive health. You may know her best though, from recently getting Dr. Oz to talk about periods on national television!

I just got back from an awesome vacation in Thailand where we were sucking down coconuts, drinking snake blood, eating bugs, and doing all sorts of weird stuff! I’m going to be writing a few blog posts about that soon enough, so stay tuned. 

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We’ve been dominating the charts lately; last week’s episode with Jonathan Bailor has been up there with Jillian Michaels, fighting for the #1 spot! Awesome!

Fat-Burning Man Show fighting for #1 spot!

In today’s show with Alisa we talk about:

  • Decoding the cycle for relationship success.
  • How women can optimize their hormones.
  • Dealing with low libido and how to feed your adrenals.
  • And, most importantly, what men should know about women.

Here’s the show.

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  1. I’m shocked to see no comments on this podcast. I’ve been loving getting the women on here talking about hormones, birth control, eating windows, body fat…

    Ever since I started getting a female perspective, I’ve learned so much more about how women need to be handling stress, diet and exercise. During this whole paleo movement I’ve been listening to every male public speaker and trying to replicate their eating patterns, diet and so forth. It didn’t cross my mind that there could be a better way.

    We need to get intelligent women talking more about these issues. Enough shooting in the dark!

  2. Love love love this podcast. This would have to be my favourite podcast so far. Perhaps a little bias there being a woman but in terms of info Alisa is incredible I could listen to her all day. I feel like texting the link to this podcast to every woman and man I know. I think its so important for men to understand the female body just because we are so complex and known to be tough to handle some times its beneficial to the whole relationship to understand appreciate and accept the intricate way our body works and the extent to how our hormone levels effect us. Thanks so much Abel and Alisa for making so much sense out of this sensitive subject that many people are scared to visit or talk about out loud.

  3. Wow. I am just coming across Alisa now, in my search for health…and weight loss. Thank you, Abel, for hosting this. We are still so very lacking in our awareness of women’s health…it is pretty appalling. This video gives me hope for my own issues. . I also came across Alisa’s 4-week eating protocol, based around one’s cycle, posted at the Dr. Oz site. I am going to incorporate it, as well as some of the things she shared here. I will also look to order her book.

    …Like she said, you have to get your hormones under control before trying any other extreme measures. Hah, yeah…I wanted to lose weight with intermittent fasting, and absolutely no weight is coming off. So, I’ll first back up and try to address the hormone issues. If that could help me with all the cyclical issues with mood and energy, I would be thrilled.

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