Dr. Sara Gottfried: The Hormone Cure, Orgasmic Yoga, and Molecular Sex in a Nutshell

The Fat-Burning Man Show with Dr Sara Gottfried

Today’s special guest is Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of The Hormone Cure, a source of endless fun, and a certified badass. This show is a good one.

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So on to the show with Dr. Sara. We talk about:

  • The ins and outs of molecular sex.
  • The many benefits of orgasmic yoga.
  • Why you should care about cortisol.
  • And, most importantly, how to be a badass.

Here’s the show.

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  1. What a wonderful podcast and guest again. Thank you so much Abel & Dr. Gottfried. Definitely going to get “the hormone cure”.

  2. Hi Abel,
    That podcast was outstanding. I do have a question though concerning Dr. Gottfreid’s three hormones. I have been struggling with my weight for years due to this issue, although since finding the Vinnie Tortorich podcast, and through that yours, Jon Smith’s etc, my weighr dropped. Until recently. I have been stuck at 240 for over four months. I am an active triathlete even at my size, and very careful about my eating habits. What interested me is when she mentioned the BIG 3 for men (testosterone, thyroid, and cortisol) I have only one. I had thyroid cancer, so I have no thyroid at all, and this also affected my testosterone to the point that I now have to give myself injections every week. I have not been able to find ANYONE tha can guide me through this issue (though they try God Bless ’em). Do you, or perhaps Dr. Gottfreid, know of any resources for men in the 50’s dealing with this?

  3. Walter Hendricks says:

    I loved this latest podcast and I told my wife to order Dr Sara’s book – but we noticed that it seemed to address only women’s hormone issues. Can you recommend a book or where I could find information on men’s hormone issues? I am also in my 50’s. thanks!

  4. Hi Sara and Abel,
    Sara–thanks for sharing the Holosync –I’ve found the Profound Meditation to be extremely effective and more “on-ramped” and “off-ramped” –transitionally fluent. Love hearing you speak to testosterone importance for women!

  5. Great interview! One huge confusion – what is oxitotion? Not sure, how to spell it , but Sara used this word twice, unless maybe that’s how she pronounces oxidation? Thanks

  6. Loved this!! Gave me alot of things to think about in terms of my own feelings and experiences… i can relate to alot of it!! I think Dr Gottfried is amazing and i could listen to her talk for hours!! Thanks Abel 🙂

  7. Abel – I am a brand new fan – love the work you are doing. This particular episode was meaningful to me, however I would like it if you could perhaps discuss cortisol in women who are on synthetic hormones. My wife had a complete hysterectomy at the age of 37 and she has been having all of the problems mentioned by Dr. Sara. Perhaps something to think about for any future discussions. But thanks again, I have been trying to get back to my old self and your podcast, which I stumbled upon, has done it! I am 40 and was at risk of becoming an unhealthy old dad. I was in much better shape a few years ago and lost it due to some personal things that happened in my family. But thanks in part to you, I am back! Long live your Podcast.

    • Thanks for the feedback Scott! I HIGHLY recommend you guys check out Dr Sara’s book. It is chokablock FULL of amazing info, particularly in regards to the question you post about cortisol. Be well! – Emily, FBM Team Coach

  8. Great podcast! Does Dr. Gottfried have a Phosphatidylserine dosage she recommends? I read some people were taking x amount after workouts, while others were taking 100mg 3x/day. Any advice here is appreciated!

    • There’s a bit of variability on this it sounds like. I HIGHLY recommend reading her book “The Hormone Cure” where she goes into this is much more detail! It’s a great read, chokablok full of amazing info 🙂 – Emily, FBM Team

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