John Durant: The Paleo Manifesto, Why Great Thinkers Stand Up, and Orange-Eyed Aliens

This week’s show is with John Durant, author of “The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health,” which releases on September 17.

One of the first “modern cavemen” and champions of eating Paleo, John has been spotted sprinting barefoot through the streets of the big apple to the enormous meat locker in his flat. He’s also been featured (and/or lampooned) on The Colbert Report, NPR and in the New York Times.

This is one of the more fun shows in recent memory. If you want to giggle while you learn, this episode is for you.

I just got back to town from a wilderness survival trip in Rocky Mountain National Park. I feel like a million bucks. If there’s one thing I recommend as an action step this week, it’s this: leave all your gadgetry at home, disconnect, and get outside!

Last but not least, our CavemanFeast iPhone and iPad app is still kicking butt on the iTunes charts. Apple even featured us in the U.S., Australia, and a few other countries. So thank you all for the reviews, we seriously appreciate the support!


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On today’s show with John we chat about:

  • How we’re all out of touch
  • Why aliens have orange eyes
  • Why great thinkers stand up
  • And we even act out tea time with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow…

Here’s the show.


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  1. Hi Abel,
    As a longtime singer songwriter who tours and travels and as an owner of a recording studio who spends many late nights in the studio; I’m curious if there are any articles or guests you can think of who can address the paleo lifestyle within the artistic community. I know that once I started my paleo adventure, I’ve noticed huge changes in my creativity (as well as my health). Late nights and travel are my reality right now and I feel great but I could feel better. I’ve listened to every episode of your show and I am a huge fan. I know what my issues are(for the most part) and I know I need to address my sleep but you always have great guests and I’d love to hear a musician, composer, poet…. I know your an accomplished musician as well and I though you might know of someone.
    Thanks so much for your show and have a great day.


  2. Hello!
    I think it was in this show that you talked about how going barefoot made your feet get “smaller” but really you just gained some arches. Can you tell me approximately how long that took based on how often you were barefoot/in barefoot shoes? I always thought I had two completely different sized feet, but this show made me realize that my bigger foot is actually much flatter and that they’re probably the same size. I was frequently, but not exclusively using a Vivobarefoot casual, un-toed shoe and decided to jump feet first 😉 into barefoot movement and bought Vibrams but with the two different sizes, I opted for the smaller size because otherwise the last few toes on my smaller foot slipped out of the toes. But now the smaller size is causing me a lot of pain on my Achilles’ tendon on my bigger foot. I’m trying not to be one of those people who injures herself (more) going barefoot and adding fuel for the people who are all about arch support, but I’m wondering if it will be worth it to shell out another $80 to mix and match sizes… Thanks!

    • Hey Natalie, this is definitely something that varies with every person. So hard to say. That’s a good call about the reason behind having 2 different sized feet! I never actually thought of that! I would go into a specialty shoe store and chat with an expert though honestly, they can talk more specifics for what you’re looking for. – Emily, FBM Team

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