Our New App! 200 Paleo Recipes are Coming to an iPad and iPhone near you!

Caveman Feast App

Big announcement today!

I’ve been secretly working on a new Paleo app with a good friend of mine and I’m incredibly excited to show you the first few screenshots of the app in action.

The app is going to be released on the 23rd of July with a special launch day only price of just $0.99!

It’s called Caveman Feast and it contains just over 200 delicious Paleo recipes.

The app will be easiest way to follow the Paleo diet. You simply pick your recipe category (for example Grain-free goodies), then flick through the mouth watering high definition pictures and choose a recipe.

Then, check through the ingredients list, which you can email to yourself or your cooking partner and switch between US measurements and Metric/Imperial units (useful for our international audience!).

Once you’ve got your ingredients, swipe through the easy to follow instructions.

You can also shortlist your favourite recipes by tapping the star icon.

The app even contains a link to the Fat-Burning Man Show, as well as access to my bonus Paleo lifestyle content.

I couldn’t be happier with how the app has turned out and I’m sure you guys are going to love it.


How can I get a copy of the app?
On the 23rd of July I will post a link to the iTunes store where you can get hold of a copy of the app.

The app will work on iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPad 2/3/4/Mini and iPod Touch 4th Gen/5th Gen. You will need to be updated to iOS 6 to use the app (over 95% of users are already on iOS 6).

How much will it cost?
The app will initially cost just $0.99, but we will be raising the price after launch.

Why an app?
Apps make life easy. You can download the app and be browsing through recipes in less than a minute. Also, you’ve always got your iPhone and iPad around, so it is perfect for following instructions and looking at ingredients.

Also, apps allow us to add cool features such as the ability to email a recipe to yourself, change units and search through recipes (look out for that feature in V2!). It’s also easy for us to update the content.

Why do I have to pay for the app?
Unfortunately, app development isn’t free! It’s quite costly and to bring this great new app and subsequent updates, we’ve had to splash out. We think that the $0.99 launch price is a bargain, so if you don’t like paying more, make sure you visit us on the 23rd of July! The price will be going up a little after the launch but even then it will be very affordable. Also, we won’t be charging extra for you to unlock any recipes. Over 200 recipes will be available as soon as you download the app.

What’s next?
If the app is well loved by everyone, then we’ll be bringing you more recipe apps! Also, we’re already dreaming of updates to Caveman Feast, with new exciting features. If you own a copy of the app, you’ll receive updated versions of Caveman Feast for free.

Doh! I don’t have an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone! Will you be making a Kindle Fire/Android/Windows Phone/Symbian edition instead?
We decided to launch on the iPhone and iPad because looking at our stats, many of our readers already own these devices. The iPhone and iPad screens are beautiful, so they bring our recipes to life. Also, it is still easier to developer for iPhone and iPad as most users keep their phones up to date, which cuts down on expensive development time.

That’s not to say we won’t be releasing an Android version further down the line if there’s lots of demand.

I’m too excited! Can I use the app now?
Good things come to those who wait! The good news is you don’t have long to wait and we’ll be releasing a video soon showing the app in action.


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  1. Alyson Bridge says:

    It’s gorgeous! I got to test it out, and it’s by far the most attractive, intuitive interface. Can’t wait till I get it on my phone.

  2. Awesome! Well-designed apps are a perfect vehicle for recipes, and this one looks and sounds great. $0.99 is a steal. I paid $5.99 for NomNomPaleo’s app and it has proven worth that and then some. Looking forward to this one.

  3. Add my name to the Android list.
    I know there is no app yet for android, but is there a way to download your show to an android devise right now?

    • The show is also on Stitcher, which I believe you can download as a free app on Android! Be sure to sign up to be on the email list so you can receive an update when the Android app is available 🙂 – Emily, FBM Team Coach

  4. Check this out… any guy with a military background who cooks his own version of healthy meals, drinks coffee out of a pink Vegas Princess cup and posts it all on Facebook is pretty freakin’ awesome in my eyes. Dear Civilized Caveman… I’ve been observing you for a while. I can tell you have a great big heart… thank you for being you! I support you! Infinite blessings of love, light, joy, and success in your endeavors 🙂

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