Dr David Perlmutter: Grain Brain, Eating Fat Makes You Smart, and Why (Brain) Size Matters

Dr David Perlmutter Interview

Watch or listen to this week’s episode with Dr. David Perlmutter…

Dr. David Perlmutter is a board-certified neurologist and the author of the terrifically titled, #1 New York Times Bestseller, “Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs and Sugar – Your Brain’s Silent Killers.”

Dr David Perlmutter on The Fat-Burning Man Show

On the show we chat about:

  • The surprising reason you should be eating more cholesterol.
  • How eating fat makes you smart.
  • The brain-building effects of musical training.
  • The 2 things you can do right now to literally regrow your brain.
  • And much more…

Leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of the show with the Doc!


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  1. Jezreel Hutton says:

    Abel, I’m doing paleo/low carb but I’m getting the idea that I need to eat five to six meals a day to gain muscle and lose fat to have a shredded six pack. Can you tell me what you did to be and look the way you do please! I listen to your podcast along with Jimmy so send me your answer. I workout and right now am doing chalean extrem but some how I’m missing something that I feel I haven’t reach my goal yet.
    Thank you Abel

    • Everyone’s methods will be different when it comes to achieving the body they feel most comfortable with. Keep tweaking your diet intake and your fitness routine if necessary. But remember that sustainable changes are made slowly, NOT drastically. – Emily, FBM Team

    • I’m not that familiar with Chalean but it seems like its more of a fat-burning cardio training. That’s great for burning the fat but you will also have to lift weight 3-4 times a week to build muscle. If you not already I would be doing squats, deadlifts and bench press. Meal frequency serves no purpose – Instead of eating 5-6 meals you can just eat the same amount of calories in 2-3 meals (Saves a ton of time). It will take more calories to build muscle mass but as long as your diet is high in fat and you are getting adequate protein you should begin to build muscle. Also, try some intermittent fasting – It has done wonders for me regarding muscle growth. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi Abel,
    I am currently working my way through Brain Grain and enjoyed this interview as a supplement. Anyone doubting the science has only to turn to the extensive list of references/citations in Grain Brain as a starting point for independent research. Just emailed the interview link out to friends and family. Hoping they will take the time to hear the message.
    Dr. Perlmutter has also provided helpful information on helping kids with focus issues through dietary means. Yeah!
    Abel, thank you for putting the information out there for all.
    PS- Great interview with J Bailor. Nice to hear a less scripted (not just Calorie Myth talking points) interview with him. Looking forward to your collaboration.

  3. Today, we can fly from Dallas, TX to Sydney, Australia on a non stop 17 hour flight. In bad weather, and land in the middle of the night.

    We can shop for anything we want from home with a smartphone

    Great advances have been made in medicine and surgery and people are living longer and healthier lives than ever before….

    The paleolithic barbarians did not live very long Average life expectancy of a Paleolithic human was 32 years (they lived a little longer than that if they did not die before age 15 They lived up to 54 years if they did not die very young). In contrast, today, the world average is 67 years and it is much higher is developed nations Japan is 85 years and United States is 80 years,
    I don’t think Albert Einstein ate lots of fat and refrained from eating grains and neither did Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Nicola Tesla or Boeing or ,…you get the picture. I am sure they all ate (and eat) grains and did not swallow pounds and pounds of butter, and their brains turned out OK, don’t you think??

    Folks, things are not as bad as these scaremongering overnight internet snake oil peddlers would have you believe. Most human innovations came after humans started eating grains, started farming which gave them more time to think about innovating (instead of hunting and foraging all day) Even the hunter gatherers these snake oil peddlers keep talking about did not eat as much meat and fat as these internet snake oilers would have you believe Study after study shows that they ate lots and lots of roots and berries etc etc.

  4. I think an important point that can be missed is what is the starting condition of the person.

    It could be that reducing grains is helpful for people that are cognitively impaired. If they have a leaky gut, some say, then they likely also have a leaky brain. However, for those people that have no digestive issues, then grains (and legumes) may not be an issue.

    If Tylenol is effective to relieve a headache, does that mean everyone should take Tylenol to prevent a headache?

    There have certainly been large numbers of healthy people eating grains (and legumes and other foods forbidden by Paleo/Low-Carb camps) for a long time. There have also been healthy populations eating high-carbohydrate diets. These obvious points seem to continually be overlooked.

    The Paleo/Low-Carb litmus test of “Did our ancestors do ______________?” is limited and silly. We don’t know everything they thought, did, or ate. They certainly didn’t drive cars or use iPads. But, those actions seem perfectly acceptable.

    When people crave carbohydrates, the Paleo/Low-Carb “leaders” admonish this. But, when craving salt, fat, or protein, Paleo/Low-Carb followers are encouraged to “listen to their body” and eat more of each. How’s eating more food, salt, fat, and protein working for Michael Eades, William Davis, Sally Fallon, Loren Cordain, and Jimmy Moore? It sure doesn’t appear to be working at all.

    In the case of Jimmy Moore, he’s regained weight, looks unhealthy, has an LDL-P number that’s in the stratosphere (ignoring the advice to try reducing his saturated fat intake, as suggested by his “Cholesterol Clarity” expert Thomas Dayspring), yet is promoting his new “Keto Clarity” book to encourage the masses to follow his unhealthy example. This is madness. I cannot understand why Eric Westman agreed to co-author Jimmy’s two books. Maybe Eric has been eating too many grains?

    As a person, Jimmy is probably a great guy. But, I think he’s built his empire on a limited (if not false) premise and may feel unable to change direction. As a result, he’s going to simply do more of what isn’t working for him. That’s unfortunate. His dragging others along for the ride, however, is grossly irresponsible.

    Does this look like the picture of health to you?


    Do what you want, of course. But, please don’t ignore information that contradicts your pet theory. Read all sides of every argument, do your own research, trust yourself, and be open and willing to change your mind. It’s not about being “right,” it’s about being “correct.” Specifically, it’s about what’s correct for YOU.

    Wishing you well,


    • Hey Franz….
      1. Your link no longer exists.
      2. When in this podcast is it recommended that people eat more food? (fasting is suggested)…Eat more salt? Bottom line- sugar is bad for you, wheat turns to glucose, so moderate your grains.
      3. If you’re not bright enough to realize that the mainstream media is built on bullcrap, you deserve what you get. Go have a few cookies.

      • Jeffrey,

        1. You have to add “www” before the link. Maybe you’re the one having too many cookies.

        2. My comments were not limited to Dr. Perlmutter or this blog.

        3. Yes, the mainstream media is full is crap. But, so are a lot of arguments in the Paleo, Low-Carb, and “Real Food” movements. Maybe you should spend some time getting more facts . When you’re ready, I’ll be waiting to accept your apology.


    • Taylor DuBois says:

      YES Franz you say say that you see a lot of people healthy on grains Correct? Well check this out… I am in the military and I run and PT with 20 year old hat run better than I do and they smoke like chimneys, have been for 5 years…. But.. how long before there lungs start having issues. TIME is of the essence. I don’t understand why dome people are against Low carb concepts. I Bench 320 pounds barbell curl 150 pounds, I squat 400 pounds…. I exercise 6 days a week. I eat protein and health fats AND I get my carbs from NON starchy foods. My life and my fathers has improve 10 fold. You have valid points but it is almost as if you haven’t even read his book. and about the Jimmy moore deal… Just because he has subcutaneous fat does not entail he is “unheathly” I means the carbs he DOES eat stores. Not everyone takes there own advice… As for Dr. Perlmutter. he has this figured out.

  5. Hey Abel,
    Love your podcast. It’s unfortunate that so many of these comments are so nasty. We live in a polarizing world, so as the doctor says ‘if you’re not up on it, your down on it’. I have followed a low-carb diet with lots of vegetables for years and suggest to all my clients (Seniors and Pilates) that if something isn’t right, look to your diet first.

    To all the naysayers up there, don’t knock it til you try it. Oh, that’s right, that might force you to make some effort and perhaps change your life. Better to rip on other people who don’t support your view.

    Stay strong,

    • Anne,

      This may come as a surprise, but low-carb is not a panacea.

      Are you one of the folks claiming “Look, we can manufacture our own glucose, via gluconeogenesis…thus, we don’t need carbs.”?


    • Hi Anne
      Unfortunately not all of us think your overnight experts, money making snake oil salespeople podcasters are rockstars and not all of us blindly follow them and buy their product and help them rake in the dollars

      Yes people have been eating pasta and gran for many many years. Suddenly, we have tons of these “experts” with their podcasts and their affiliate links and their “little ads” linking to their “secrets” that can only be had by forking out your credit card.

      Suddenly, we need ketosis. Suddenly what these podcasting idiots think the cavepeople ate should be our diet.

      Oh I forgot, you are a “Pilates” instructor. Where did you get your “masters degree in Pilates and Yoga”? Let me guess. you paid $200 to get your “masters degree”. Are you also a “doctor”, and a “monk of a secret society” that has a “killer awesome podcast”??????

  6. Just one question. Why does this pearl mutt have a small head? For a person who preaches grain brain and all the mumbo jumbo, his brain and his head look pretty small…..

  7. Carl Spackler says:

    Small head = small brain.

    Clearly, Dr. Duckbutter need to eat more Gluten-Free Paleo Brownies with copious amounts of coconut oil.

    Less sweet potatoes (one ingredient, found in nature) and more Paleo-approved snacks (multiple ingredients, some found in nature…but not in their original form). This is exactly how our cave-dwelling ancestors ate.

    Time to administer my Kerrygold butter intravenous drip, so I can stay in deep ketosis while I sleep.

  8. Wow! The discourse on this site is as bad as the political discourse in this country. Doesn’t seem like people can agree to disagree in a respectful manner in all areas of our society. It is probably one of the reasons why this country is as sick as we are even though we may be living longer than we did in the past (chronic stress creates cortisol and inflammation). You can live till you’re 80 but why would you want to if the last 15 years of your life is spent in our sick care system! I’m not pro or con paleo diet. You should eat what is good for your particular body. But most of that food should come from nature (meats, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, sprouted grains, etc…), not from highly-processed foods such as PASTA. All it takes is a little common sense. And umm…Tim, I am an MD from University of Arizona.

    • Carl Spackler says:


      The fact that you’re an MD means nothing. If you believe that gives you credibility, you’re mistaken. You’re just rehashing the same, tired opinions. Yes, opinions…not facts.


      • Didn’t believe I had an opinion either way. I just said to use common sense. And the fact that I made the point of being an MD was a response to a posting by someone insulting a young lady who was a Pilates instructor. An MD means something just like any college degree or high school degree means something. It just shows you were disciplined enough to finish what you started. I do agree that having an MD doesn’t qualify a person to discuss nutritional issues because we spent very little time focused on nutritional modalities in medical school which is why I didn’t go into practice after finishing my residency and discovering that our sick care system is corrupt and uses the wrong approach when it comes to helping people get healthy.

  9. And Carl. I also made the point that people don’t need to insult other people just because they may not agree with their opinions. Its a childish approach when there is genuine disagreement. Not specifically directed towards you but society as a whole.

  10. Hi Tim, your not quite as smart as you think mate…

    for 50 years companies have used advertising, TV, radio, billboard etc to directly influence people to eat their food stuffs. There has been a bias in education, information and research to support the SAD.

    It is fantastic that we now live in a society where the Internet allows podcasts by both qualified and lay people to share and express Ideas, concepts and research and even sell their stuff, bad or good.

    Your just being a big baby, a big one sided positional baby like the people you are condemning…
    Yours posts are amusing, so thanks.

  11. This is great stuff, keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to changing my diet around to lose some weight and get some vitality back into my life. I’m going to increase the amount of aerobic exercise that I get as well. I like going to the gym to lift but for me nothing beats the feeling of getting home after a 4 hour bike ride.
    We started growing some kale and fresh veggies this year and we were surprised that my wife, son and I could eat very well from what we planted. This podcast can only help us on our experiment to move toward a healthier lifestyle. Thanks Abel.

  12. Robert Neufeld, Ph.D. says:

    I am fascinated by Brain Maker, but the scientist in me wonders something. The lifestyle variables of lab rats such as diet, activity, exercise, sleep, etc. can be controlled so that one can make definitive statements linking the observed experimental variable to conclusive statements about disease. But humans’ lives are more complicated, and unless they’re in prison, such factors cannot be controlled. Therefore, how can you make conclusive, cause-and-effect statements such as “Lack of breastfeeding” or “Use of antibiotics during childhood” lead to early-onset Alzheimer’s, when there are a host of other lifestyle factors that had NOT been studied, which may also affect a child’s later development?

    • Dr. Neufeld, thank you for your thoughts. I agree – it’s difficult to take a lot of the science on this subject (and most others), mostly because the studies we have to work from are in the nascent stages. Causal statements are tricky. From my interactions with Dr. Perlmutter thus far, I get the impression that he’s doing his best to push the field forward by offering topics to study in more detail for future research.

      I think in the next few years we’ll see much better and more definitive science relating diet and lifestyle factors to brain health, especially Alzheimers.

  13. Michael Heon says:

    Just wondering about food s like sweet potatoes,yams pumkin to add sweeness to ones dietary habitats are these healthy

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