Roger Dickerman: Exercise as a Stimulus, Tabatas, and Why Your iPhone is Making You Fat

Roger Dickerman, Relentless Fitness

Howdy folks,
Today we’re here with a killer dude and the other half of the podcasting duo Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor, Mr. Roger Dickerman of Relentless Fitness.

I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Roger both at PaleoFX and AHS12 and I’m always impressed with his innovative thinking, passion for spreading the message of health, and general good-naturedness.

This quote from one of Roger’s clients sums it up well:

A session with Roger is more than just a workout; it’s a life lesson. I come away from every session with more tools to live healthfully and make good choices.

As you listen to this podcast, I’m confident you’ll feel the same way.

You can visit Roger’s blog at and make sure to check out the F.U.N. workout tool he mentions on the show.

In the show, Roger and I cover:

  • Why your iPhone is making you fat
  • Why the word “Paleo” is problematic
  • How to track your sleep with a FitBit
  • How stevia ruined Abel’s cup of coffee
  • How to begin high intensity exercise like Tabatas
  • Why you shouldn’t check your email in the morning
  • And tons more…

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  1. Abel,

    A couple of things that I have been experimenting with go along with several of the points brought up. How light affects our melatonin levels in the evening is incredibly interesting especially the blue light given off by electronic devices. Ideally, we should all “unplug” once the sun goes down and call it day. Unfortunately, I am not in a situation where it’s currently possible. I haven’t left my “regular job” ( . . .yet) and only get opportunities to produce content, post on various outlets, and interact with my subscribers are late in the evening. My current solution has involved using Gunnar glasses along with f.lux (as you mentioned) to minimize blue light exposure.

    I almost purchased a Fitbit, but I wasn’t totally on board with the fact it tracked sleep using only the accelerometer in the device. I found the Zeo Sleep Coach system (I’m using the version that links to the iPhone) and it has been a fantastic took for hacking my sleep. Of course, my wife started wanting to track her sleep so of course, we now have matching headband sleep monitors. I’m glad no one can see how ridiculous we look when getting ready for bed. It’s a cool device to check out and the analytics it provides have been incredibly helpful for me.

    Keep the good stuff coming!


    • Hey Matt,
      Thanks for stopping by. Aw, that pesky regular job! I haven’t tried Gunnar glasses yet, but f.lux rocks.

      I’ll have to check out the Zeo. I don’t look cool when I sleep anyway. 🙂


  2. David Radnell says:

    I have to disagree with your Iphone making you fat. I recently purchased an Android phone and downloaded doggcatcher, a podcast player. From this I discovered Abel James and Paleo. So my Andriod is making me slimmer!!!

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